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BubbleBum Review

It seems like overnight our family moved into this new stage. All of a sudden, our formerly rear-facing kiddos are facing the front and our oldest is even able to use a booster seat! How did that happen?! They grow up so fast, and it’s hard to keep up!

We’re also getting into the time of our lives where our boys will start asking for their friends to come over to play after school and we’ll need to transport kids on field trips and to the soccer field. Who has the space to store extra car seats in their trunk?

BubbleBumIt turns out, everybody does! The BubbleBum booster seat is so small and compact that you can keep it in your car, put it into your child’s backpack, or even in a large purse! The lightweight booster seat is perfect for kids who are big enough to use a backless booster and it’s so easy to transport! The BubbleBum is an inflatable (yes, inflatable!) booster that rolls up into a stretchy carrying bag for storage. It takes less than two minutes to unroll, inflate, and install the car seat. There’s hardly anything involved in the “installation” — you place it in the seat, have the child sit down, thread the belt through the positioning clips on both sides of the lap belt, and the shoulder/lap belt buckles like normal! Use the shoulder belt positioning clip to make sure that shoulder belt stays in place!

The seat is super narrow, so fitting three across a backseat is no problem! It can fit in between or beside convertible or infant car seats too! Going on vacation? Pack the BubbleBum for taxi travel, Grandma’s car, or taking that young cousin for a trip for ice cream! No more worries about volunteering to be a field trip driver, because you’ll always have an extra booster seat when you have a BubbleBum!

The BubbleBum booster seat comes in purple or black and retails for only $39.99, a great price for such a stress-buster. You can purchase online or at one of the many store locations in the U.S. and abroad (see the BubbleBum store locator to plan your shopping)!

We love the BubbleBum booster seat!

We love the BubbleBum booster seat!

I love how easy the BubbleBum is to use on the go! Grandma and Grandpa can easily figure out how to use it in their car and it just takes a few seconds to explain it to the parents of your child’s friend (and the safety instruction are attached to the bottom of the seat)! Don’t risk it and assume that they’ll have an appropriate booster seat for your child — for less than $40, you can be sure that your child is seated in a safe booster every time, no matter where you are!

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary BubbleBum booster seat to facilitate my review. I was not paid for this post. My opinions are my very own and I was not required to write a positive review.

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