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Hurry Up and Wait

HurryUpandWaitIt has been an exciting time at our house since my last post! We completed our Foster Care Certification classes on Thursday, January 15th and then had our final pre-certification home visit on Monday, January 19th! After that, we waited for my husband’s background check paperwork to come back, which thankfully for him (because it was due to his “I’ll get it done…eventually!” mentality that caused a hold-up), was received by our worker the very next day. She then finished uploading all of the pieces of the paperwork and documents for our certification and completed our home study. It was sent off for the final stamp of approval, which came back the next day. All of that to say that our home is officially certified and “open” for foster care as of Wednesday, January 21st! The rooms are ready, we’ve been blessed by some incredibly kind gifts which I’ll share more about in another post, and our hearts are as “ready” as we feel we can be for the emotional rollercoaster ahead of us.

So why are we still waiting?

On the same day that our home study went off for approval, it also went to the social worker of a little girl who is waiting for a forever home via our state’s “Special Needs Adoption Program”…We’ll call her A. I found A’s photo listing on October 28th and since that day, I can’t get her out of my head. When I saw her that first time, I actually gasped. There’s something about A that has stayed with me, in my heart. I feel very strongly that we could be the family that she is waiting for.

The day I saw her listing, I contacted our certification worker and asked how the process goes for inquiring about for the SNAP program. I was told that when we got closer, if she was still waiting, we would pursue it. Almost three months later, she is still waiting, and I haven’t let it go.What happens now is that our home study is read through by this child’s worker, the worker’s supervisor, and an adoption specialist. They will evaluate whether or not we are a match for this child and if we are, they would offer the referral to us. At that point, we would have a conference and go through her history and decide if we are the right fit for her.

I’ve been keeping a little journal of important dates and thoughts throughout this process, so that if we are possibly matched with A and end up adopting her, she could read it. Here’s what I wrote last week:

“Sweet A, I hope you know that you are wanted. We wanted to be your family. Every day, we thought of you and wanted you here with us. I thought about you all the time and wondered where you were. I saw your name EVERYWHERE in these last days before our homestudy was finished – an author’s name, a dress pattern – you were everywhere and in my heart. You’re still waiting. You still need a family. I hope it’s us that you need. There are so many people praying for you. I hope you get the chance to experience being in a loving family. I know I’ll have no way to tell you if we don’t get your referral, but I want you to know that you are wanted. We wanted you.”

Until we hear back on our inquiry, we are “on hold” with our agency, meaning that they won’t send us any foster care referrals until we know whether or not we will be getting the referral for A. This period of being “on hold” might be another week or it could be a month or more. It’s one of those things where it could change very quickly — either in the positive, that we find out that we are moving forward, or the other direction and we get a foster placement right away.

You could say that patience is not one of my stronger virtues. I’m definitely struggling with not having any additional information to analyze. It’s entirely out of my control, which I’d better get used to. We want so desperately to follow God’s will and in this case, I believe He is saying “Just wait. I have something amazing coming, but you’ve got to trust me.”

So I’ll wait…I won’t necessarily be happy about the uncertainty and silence, but I’m trusting that He is leading us to something incredible.

And that’s where we are today. We haven’t chickened out, or changed our minds, we’re just being patient trying to be patient and listen to His leading.

Preparing a Bedroom for Foster Care (Part 2)

Foster Bedroom 1Brandon and I have done more work since my last post, preparing a bedroom for foster care, and I wanted to share it with you! We are so excited – only 9 days until our home study will be finished! At that time, on January 19th, our home study will be sent to two places:  the person who puts the final stamp on it at our agency, at which point they will officially “open” our home and we could be called any time after that with a referral, and also to the caseworker of a child we saw on a photo listing back in October and want to learn more about.

Here’s what we’ve been up to since my last post!

We got the twin beds set up in the bedroom, which was a bit of a feat. We got them used from some very gracious friends, but had no assembly instructions and no information on the brand of the bed. Brandon was able to get them together though!

Photo Jan 10, 8 29 43 PM
As you can see, we still need to purchase one twin mattress, for the bed on the left, which we will purchase in the next few days. As a reminder, we chose gray because it goes with almost everything. So we will get comforters, throw pillows, and accent items once we know the age, gender, and likes/dislikes of the kids we will be receiving!

Photo Jan 10, 6 24 54 PM
We also put a fresh coat of paint on the walls!

Photo Jan 10, 6 35 20 PM
I hung up my Easy Daysies Magnetic Schedule, which I reviewed over a year ago. We’ve been told over and over that kids in foster care need a structure and need to see what the schedule looks like. I think this will be a big help!

Photo Jan 04, 3 54 42 PM
We got some more cute artwork for the room, another canvas from Big Lots, and this cute printable that I stumbled upon on Pinterest.

Photo Jan 09, 8 32 26 PM
I also worked on creating a little Welcome To Our Home Book, which I saw recommended on this blog. It’s something I’ll leave in the bedroom and can easily change the content based on the child and the information they need.

I also added this book holder, filled with lots of books, classic ones like Cordoroy, and also the many wonderful books we’ve received from friends and family that were on our Foster-to-Adopt Wish List! We are so thankful for our friends!

Photo Jan 10, 6 25 07 PM
Speaking of them, here are more gifts we received this week:


I got some great comments and input after my last post. Do you have any more suggestions or ideas for these rooms? I’d love to hear them!

Preparing A Bedroom for Foster Care (Part 1)

Foster Bedroom 1 It’s hard to believe, but if all goes smoothly the next few weeks, our home will be certified as a foster home by the end of the month! We have two more classes to complete and a few more T’s to cross and I’s to dot, but it looks like it’s going to happen, and SOON! I wanted to share with you how we’ve been preparing a bedroom for foster care.

With over a week off of work, I’ve been working on de-cluttering our house, particularly the extra bedroom, preparing it for foster care and for the kids that our agency will send our way! It is so exciting! This room has been many things over the years:  a nursery for Spencer, a shared bedroom for both boys, a “guest” room (though we never had a spare bed in there, just an air mattress – much to the chagrin of our guests!), and a game room. There have been several occasions over the years where we almost re-did it as a man cave for Brandon but it never happened and I guess there’s a reason for that! :)

We have some awesome friends that you’ll hear about in this post who have helped this room get outfitted for our new family members, whether those children stay for a week, months, or years. We are so grateful to these people and those who are surrounding us with prayer as we get ready for this new adventure! The first friends you’ll hear about are Jacob and Brenda, who work with us at our church. They are giving (GIVING!) us a set of bunk beds that their daughter hasn’t used! Those beds will be set up as twin beds tomorrow. You’ll see pics in Part 2!


We decided to purchase gray bedding for the beds for the in-between stage. Gray is so chic (yeah, I said chic) and looks great with almost every color! So depending on the age and gender of the kids we have placed with us, we will get some decorative pillows and accents for the room – how cute will these look, paired with a hot pink, sky blue, or bright orange pillow set? Also, these blankets are super warm, and will work under a printed comforter that we’ll pick out with the kids.


On the dresser, which had been upstairs in the bonus/play room (kind of randomly holding craft supplies), I have a little basket with some toiletries, new toothbrushes, an extra throw blanket, extra nightlights, and a few other things, including the book Maybe Days, which my parents gave us at Christmas.


I don’t expect the kids to use hotel shampoos and soaps, I just want them to have something that is THEIRS right away and we will pick out their favorite scents and colors later. An awesome friend that I’ve never met in person, Jennifer, ordered some items from our Foster/Adopt Amazon Wish List — a Tracfone, which I’ve seen recommended for kids’ phone calls with their biological parents, and a box of individually wrapped toothbrushes! How sweet is that??


I also found this cute little print at Walmart ($3.97!) and thought it was perfect for the room, with the gray and yellow!

Today we worked on peeling off the car decals we’ve had on the wall since Miles was little. Man those things are sticky! They also peeled off a lot of paint, so we’ll patch those spots this week. The final awesome friends that you’ll hear about today are Tom and Jenny, who saw that I wanted this wall print for the bedroom and said “GET IT! We’ll reimburse you for it and you can consider it an ‘open for fostering’ present!”


Perfect, right? I have my eye on another print of the same size at Big Lots that says “So many of my smiles begin with you” to go on the other side of the window.


This week we’ll be finishing up the beds and also my clothing stash. I have so many friends (Renee, Carrie, Rachel, and Angela) who have blessed us with hand-me-downs for the boys and now our future foster children! We have an incredible amount of clothes on hand — so much that I’m not sure where to keep them all and I was able to get together two bags and a big box of clothes to take to our foster care agency, who wants to start a clothing swap for their families!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Been There, Done That foster parents, do you have any suggestions?

Guest Post: What Level Swim Class Is Right For My Child

Today I have a guest post from Kaitlin of An Apple Per Day! Enjoy and welcome her in the comments!


When we started a family, I wanted to make sure my sons were well schooled when it came to swimming. I wasn’t sure how soon to start them in lessons, so I did some research. The lessons that are right depend a lot on the child – kids progress at different rates. I learned to watch my kids to see what would work for each of them.

How comfortable are they with water? One of my boys was a natural water baby. I could tell that from bath time. He figured out the joys of splashing fairly quickly. I knew his exposure to the water could progress fast. When he was six months old, I signed him up for a Mommy and Me class, and he was beaming with joy through the whole class.  I found some great resources with more information about swim lessons:

What if they hesitate? My second son was a lot more cautious when it came to the water. He wanted to investigate the


bath, and even looked scared and cried the first few times we had to bathe him. I gave him a lot of reassurance and moved really slow. My instinct was that a Mommy and Me class would be too much stimulation all at once. I took the concept of lessons in a completely different direction with this son. My thinking was that if he feared the water and was exposed to it too quickly, it could be very damaging.

A slow introduction. When my second boy was about six months old, we began a very slow and patient introduction to the water. My husband and I took our son (in swim diapers) to the community pool. My husband held my boy, sitting in the shade back from the water. We sat there and let him look around and investigate everything. After he looked comfortable, I went in the water, and began laughing and splashing where he could see me. We did that for a short time, then went home. The next day, we did it all over again, for a short time. The third time, my husband moved a little closer. Soon my boy was watching me with a little smile on his face. He finally reached out for me, and I took him in my arms in the water. Things progressed pretty quickly from there.

Formal lessons. Once my boys were oriented to the water, when they were around 4 years old, we began with classes. The first ones were introductory and showed the kids how to do basic movements, survival skills and fundamental swimming concepts. When they were 6 years of age is when they had enough skills to begin a program that would teach them not only the swim strokes, but water safety and how to help others in an emergency. My first boy moved through to intermediate lessons as soon as he was the right age, but I had my more hesitant child repeat the beginning class, because he absorbed information in a different way.

Use the resources. When it was time to decide what lessons were right for my children, I didn’t try to guess, or figure that out on my own. I asked for help from a swim instructor at the school. He took each child in the water, worked with them for a few minutes, and gave me an assessment of which class would suit teach child. He was the one who recommended letting my younger boy see the beginning classes again, to better reinforce what he was learning.

My boys can both now swim and enjoy themselves in the water, because we made swim lessons a focus on our parenting world. It just makes me smile to watch them play in the pool.


Kaitlin Gardner started An Apple Per Day to explore her passion for a green living lifestyle, and healthy family living. She and her husband have just moved to rural Pennsylvania, where they enjoy exploring the countryside to discover interesting and out of the way places. She is also learning how to paint watercolors.

Healthy Eating in 2015 with eMeals!

Happy New Year!

Like many of you, I’m starting the new year with lots of hopes and dreams for the days ahead; we have a lot happening in our family soon, and in order to stay on top of things and be my best self, I need to get better control of my health.

eMeals-Logo-Green-LargeSeveral years ago, I was introduced to eMeals, a meal planning service, which was at the time in its infancy. I loved the idea of having someone pick out meals for me, tell me exactly what I needed to buy! Our family used eMeals for awhile and it helped a great deal. We were more in control of our menu, we were eating healthier, and meal planning was less stressful!

I’m not sure exactly why we didn’t continue, but since that time when we first used eMeals, the service has grown and grown up, meaning they now have an app where you can see the recipes, create and customize a shopping list, and more! Their meal plans have expanded too! Now you can find a meal plan for most dietary needs! And their cost to users has remained low, so that you can keep your budgets intact while saving yourself time, money, and calories!

Here are some tips to get your family eating healthier in 2015:

  • Breakfast Counts! Start your morning off with lean protein and fiber for energy and essential nutrients that you need to get moving! Try to avoid eating on the run; meals together are an important part of family life.
  • Get Kids in the Kitchen! Before you sit down at the table together, let your kids help you prepare your meal. You can teach them about nutrition and healthy foods, and they’ll also get a little math lesson as they learn to measure!
  • Plan Ahead! This might be the most important tip of all. When you haven’t planned your meals, you end up in the drive-thru or spending your calories in ways you wouldn’t normally choose. Even spending 10 minutes at the beginning of the week to think through your schedule and meal options can help you choose healthier foods. Better yet? Why not let eMeals do the work for you?
  • Pack Your Lunch! As a working mom, I know how difficult it is to pack healthy lunches for your kids and yourself, but I know that I stay more “on track” when I brown bag it from home rather than getting lunch from a restaurant. I prefer to pack up leftovers from the night before, but salads in a jar are a great option, as well as wraps and sandwiches. To get my kids off of their PB&Js, I’m going to try making our own “uncrustable” sandwiches with meat and cheese with healthier sides.

Our family is jumping back into using eMeals in 2015 and I invite you to do the same! You can get a free 2-week trial to test-drive the service before you commit! Let eMeals help you make 2015 a healthier year for you and your family!

Do you have any meal-time or health resolutions for 2015? Share them in the comments below!

*Relationship Disclosure:  I am a member of the eMeals Blogger Network, post contains affiliate links

Listen-Read-Watch: December 2014

As I ease back into writing more frequently here at Playdate Crashers, I figured an easy thing to do that would update you on my state of mind and being these days is to tell you what things I’m listening to, reading, and watching. I’m a big consumer of media, whether on TV, the printed word, or the Internet, which you may or may not know about me. I consider myself somewhat of an early adopter but with the terrible Internet situation we’ve been in for several years, I’ve fallen behind on a few things. It’s nice getting caught up with the rest of society! Anyway, here’s my first installment of Listen-Read-Watch!



I’ve been a podcast fan for many years. I listened to Pregtastic podcast while pregnant with Miles, Manic Mommies for awhile when I was a SAHM, and other shows from time to time. The week of Thanksgiving, I decided to give a podcast a try that I’d heard about somewhere on the Internet, probably BuzzFeed. So I downloaded the first episode of Serial on a day that I was home sick from work and was instantly hooked. I called my husband and said “You HAVE to listen to this first episode so that we can listen to the rest while we’re in the car traveling for Thanksgiving!” So we did.

If you’re not familiar with it, Serial is a podcast by the producers of This American Life. It’s a story told over multiples weeks/episodes. This is the first season and the story told by Sarah Koenig, the host, is a true crime story of a high school student, Hae Min Lee, who was killed one day after school in 1999. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was convicted of first degree murder but maintains his innocence while serving a life sentence in a Maryland prison. It’s fascinating and so easy to find yourself mesmerized by Koenig’s telling of this tragic story. You can get completely wrapped up in the details – was there a payphone at Best Buy? Was the Nisha call a butt-dial? Will we ever know if Adnan really did it? The last of the twelve episodes aired this morning, so if you don’t like to wait in between episodes, you can now binge-listen to them all at once on the website or via iTunes.

In addition to Serial, I’ve also been listening to various Serial-related podcasts (yes, podcasts about a podcast about a murder) for more analysis. These shows have made my work commute so much more entertaining and I’m going to miss it! I’m excited to hear what Sarah Koenig will do for Season 2 of Serial!


In 2012, I had a goal to read 50 books, which I surpassed by about a dozen books. Last year I read 53 books, and this year I have read 30 books, with a few more in progress. It would have been more, but I picked some duds that I gave up on after a few chapters.

This year I read a mix of YA and Adult Fiction, with a focus on reading books before the movies came out this year. I’m currently reading The Circle* by Dave Eggers and Under the Dome: A Novel by Stephen King.

A few notable mentions of my favorites from this year:  Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld (YA Fiction), UnDivided by Neal Shusterman (YA Fiction series-ender), and Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison by Piper Kerman (Memoir).

*If you click the above links and purchase from Amazon, I get a small percentage of the sale to support the blog!


With our new Internet, I’ve rediscovered my love for Netflix! Brandon and I have been watching Rectify (recommended for fans of Serial), Black Mirror (kind of like a rebooted Twilight Zone all about technology and society), and I’ve also been watching The Killing. Other than that, we’ve been watching Master Chef and Master Chef Junior in addition to Parenthood, Modern Family, and The Middle.

So that’s me, what about you? What are you listening to, reading, or watching these days? Do you have recommendations for me?

The State of the Blog Address

Once upon a time, I started a blog.

I had big plans for the blog and spent many hours devoted to it. It was my third child and I was determined that it would grow up into a big girl project with many readers and sponsorship deals.

Then one day I went back to work full-time. My kids were preschool and Kindergarten aged, and my job at a private school would allow us to spend the day “together” in the same building, but I would finally be contributing to our family’s income once again.

At the same time, our Internet service at our new home was all but nonexistant. “Wireless broadband” service in our area is a joke and while I still had thoughts I wanted to get onto screen, lengthy load times and snails-pace load times sucked the joy right out of my little hobby. While I still fulfilled the odd product review post (usually late…sorry!), that’s all this little project has been for over a year – impersonal, infrequently updated, and in desperate need of a redesign.

Then one day, a miracle occurred. Perhaps that’s an overexaggeration, but in my life, it was huge. Broadband Internet by way of Time Warner Cable finally came to our subdivision and Extreme Internet entered our home. Netflix was resubscribed, my browser updates finally downloaded, and my friends…I AM BACK!

So that’s where we are today. I’ve got a long list of posts I want to write and I finally have the capability of doing so again. We are planning to add to our family in 2015, so be prepared for posts about that. I still want to do product reviews when it seems right, and I desperately want a blog redesign.

The Playdate Crashers aren’t going away any time soon. There’s still playdates to be crashed.


Review: Strider Bikes

If you’re looking for a Christmas present for your young child that will teach them something, keep them active, and provide hours of fun, look no further than Strider Bikes!

I was given the opportunity to review a Strider 12 Sport Bike with my 4 (almost 5) year old son, Spencer. He likes to ride his bike with training wheels, but he still gets nervous on it and he is definitely not ready to try it without training wheels. I jumped at the chance to review a Strider Bike with him because he is so independent and I know that he just needs a little confidence before he is ready to ride sans extra wheels!

Our Strider 12 Sport came in a medium size box. There is a little assembly required, but I was surprised at how quickly it went together!

Strider1 Strider2

In less than 10 minutes, he was ready to roll!


It took him just a few minutes to get the hang of the Strider Bike. There are no pedals on a Strider bike – it’s intended to teach kids to balance so that they can more easily transition to a traditional bike without the use of training wheels. As Strider says in their materials:  “The STRIDER Balance Bike will have your child enjoying the freedom of riding on two wheels earlier than you ever thought possible and make family outings more and active.” As a mom with a 6 year old who has no interest in riding on two wheels because he is fearful of falling, this is a big deal for us! I would love for both of my kids to be able to ride their bikes on their own!

There are three basic models:  the Classic, Sport, and Pro! They also have Special Needs Bikes for kids who need additional support! The bikes come in a few different sizes; we’re using the one for ages 18 months to 5 years, and there are bikes for ages 6-12 and 13+!

Here’s a little video of how Strider Bikes work and why parents everywhere love them!

As for our family, we love our Strider Balance Bike because it’s teaching our already-independent son to work hard at what he wants (riding on two wheels) and problem solve how to get from point A to point B! He has already moved from sit-walking to sit-running! We aren’t quite ready to coast down a small hill yet, but when it warms up, we will work on it more!

Strider Bikes are an excellent Christmas or birthday gift for any child who needs to learn to ride a bike with confidence! It’s easy to purchase online or in stores (use the Store Locator on the Strider Bikes website to find them in store near you)! Prices vary depending on the options and size. The retail price for ours is $119, certainly a great price when you consider how effectively this product works!

Put a Strider Bike on your child’s Christmas list today and watch them learn to ride!

I was sent a complimentary Strider Bike to facilitate my review. I was not paid for this post nor was I required to write a positive review.

Forever Mom

Today’s post is more than a book review, it’s me opening up with something more personal than anything I’ve shared here on the blog in more than a year, since I went back to work full-time.

For about two years, I’ve had a tugging on my heart to grow our family. With two amazing boys who are currently six and nearly-five, I’m thrilled with our family but open to whatever God might want for us. For awhile, I thought it might be a new baby, but through our conversations at home and some revelations we’ve had in our church, we felt an overwhelming desire to begin the process of adoption through foster care.

10724143_390839014396944_1231287608_s We’re still at the very beginning — we’ve started our classes and have a big checklist of paperwork to turn in, fingerprints to be taken, classes and home visits to schedule — but we are so excited about the way our family is about to be changed.

The very week I made the first move to start the foster-to-adopt process, I was offered a book for review, Forever Mom:  What to Expect When You’re Adopting, by Mary Ostyn. It couldn’t have come at a better time! Mary is the mother of 10, six of which are theirs by adoption. Woven through the book are the stories of their adoptions from Korea and Ethiopia.

More than a how-to book, Forever Mom deals with the heart issues involved in adoption. She covers everything from bringing your child home to mealtime struggles and teenage sass. Their adoption stories run the gamut — their first adoption went off without a hitch and left their hearts ready for more; subsequent adoptions would prove to not be quite as easy for them.

Remind them often of how precious they are to you

So many books on fostering and adoption promise to help you “navigate the system” and cover little more than what a simple web search can deliver. Mary’s book is infused with wisdom, Scripture, and practical advice that is sure to become an invaluable resource to me as we wade into the waters of “the system.” If I need inspiration, there is plenty; if I need guidance on discipline and behavior problems, she provides a multitude of sound advice.

Mary Ostyn has written other books (Family Feasts for $75 a Week and The Sane Woman’s Guide to Raising a Large Family) and writes regularly on her blog, Forever Mom was released last week, just in time for National Adoption Awareness Month and Orphan Sunday.

Whether you are an adoptive parent, starting the process, or considering the call to adopt, Forever Mom is full of inspiration, honest advice, and practical wisdom for families growing through adoption. I would recommend it to anyone who is a person of faith that wants to know more about what’s it’s like to adopt an infant or older child, as well as new foster/adoptive parents.

We are all learning and growing

Even though we are going through a different process of adoption (by fostering first) and do not plan to adopt babies or infants (although you never know what God has in store), I found Mary’s book to be a breath of fresh air in a season where it’s easy to be overwhelmed and bombarded by advice that isn’t always positive in nature. Mary doesn’t sugarcoat the hard times but she makes it clear that adoptive parents will be blessed.

Pick up a copy of Forever Mom (paperback or Kindle editions available) in bookstores, through, or on!

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of the book Forever Mom from the publisher to facilitate my review. I was not paid for this post nor was I required to write a positive review.

Review: EZLeaps

Independence is a TOUGH thing to teach your kids! Early on in your kids’ lives, whether or not you realize it’s happening, parents start teaching their kids to do for themselves. We teach our kids to go to sleep unassisted, to feed themselves, and then to use the bathroom independently. Before you know it, they’re learning to button their shirts and then…it’s time to learn to TIE THEIR SHOES!

I’m not going to lie, moms. I have been both dreading this day and looking forward to it. I LOVE the idea of my kids being able to tie their own shoes. I LOVE helping them move toward independence. But OH MY GOSH, what a frustrating process! They’re annoyed, you’re exasperated, and they just can’t get their little fingers to do what must be done!

That is, it was super frustrating UNTIL we discovered EZLeaps! EZLeaps is a tool to help kids learn to tie their shoes and we got the opportunity to try it out for ourselves! Instead of me trying to describe the process, here’s a little video about how it works:

So unlike other products that delay the inevitable by giving your child an excuse to not tie their shoes, EZLeaps actually makes the process SIMPLE for your kids and helps them by keeping the shoelaces separated and accessible. (See the steps broken down in individual photos and instructions here)

EZLeaps3My boys are very different from one another. One is super independent; the other is not. One figures things out really easily by himself; the other lacks confidence and won’t try new skills until he feels sure of himself. One also has underdeveloped fine motor skills and has struggled to learn to hold a pencil correctly, among other things.

Our 4 year old isn’t quite ready to learn to tie his shoes (but he is determined to do it before starting Kindergarten next fall!), but our six year old IS ready! Unfortunately, he is also the one who has a difficult time with fine motors, so I was anxious to try EZLeaps with him. He was so hesitant to even try, but EZLeaps really made it fun for him!


We watched the video (above) and he seemed excited to give it a try. I can’t say he is the master of his sneakers yet, but he is definitely getting close! He actually “gets” what he’s trying to do because EZLeaps has made it simpler and easier to see for him.


When he does become a shoe-tying pro, we’ll fill out the CONGRATULATIONS! certificate included with our EZLeaps so he’ll know how proud we are of his accomplishment!

EZLeaps is a wonderful product for moms, teachers, and child care workers who are ready for their kids or students to learn this important skill of independence! At $5.49 each (or as low as $3.99 each in quantities of 25+), they’re a great value! I could see teachers asking their students’ parents to chip in a few dollars to get an EZLeaps for each student in a classroom so that they can all learn together. They come in adorable colors and prints — with unicorns and soccer balls and everything in between, there’s something for everyone!

Check out for more product info and to purchase now! Help your child take the next step toward independence with EZLeaps! Save 15% for a limited time with this special promo code:  EZ2424

Disclosure:  EZLeaps sent me two complimentary EZLeaps products to facilitate my review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I paid for this post.