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Mighty Handle Review

“Uggghhhhhhhh! I’ve got it! Just…one…more…bag! AGH! Don’t shut that door, here I come!” THUD Who hasn’t done their best bodybuilder impression after returning from the grocery store with 40 bags to get inside?

When I carry in the groceries, photo credit:

Photo Credit:

Everyone wants to do it in one trip, get it done and over with. Arms aching, those awful red marks on your forearms. Moms, it’s totally not worth it when there’s a simple parent-created gadget that will help you lessen your loads to and from the car!

Mighty HandleMighty Handle is a new product that helps you carry many things and heavy things without breaking your arms! Simply slip the handles of your grocery bags onto the Mighty Handle and the weight is distributed more evenly. You can also use it to carry a slew of backpacks and lunchboxes, tote bags – even paint cans! Anything with a handle, big or small, can go onto the Mighty Handle and with you wherever you’re going!

Using the Mighty Handle while I was on crutches recovering from my surgery was a huge help. Every morning I had to load my boys into the car and then into school and then repeat the process at the end of the day. Even on crutches it was possible to help the boys carry their things with the Mighty Handle! What a lifesaver!

Using the Mighty Handle while in my orthopedic boot after surgery. Hobbling with the Mighty Handle!

Using the Mighty Handle while in my orthopedic boot after surgery. Hobbling with the Mighty Handle!

I love this way you can use the Mighty Handle:  put your bags’ handles onto the Mighty Handle when you put load them into the trunk then TWIST the Mighty Handle to keep the bags closed and the Mighty Handle ready to use for your trip from the car to your house. You can carry up to 50 lbs.! Yeah, Superwoman! Do it!

I always feel like I’m carrying a million tote bags with me wherever I’m going and I constantly get them tangled up when I have to dig through my purse to grab my keys or phone. The Mighty Handle helps me keep my bags more accessible for my spare hand!

I absolutely love that this was created by a dad. There’s something about using a product that a parent of young kids dreamed up and worked hard to create that is super inspiring.

You can get your hands on a Mighty Handle online at (purchase using this affiliate link and the one below to support the blog!) – a 2-pack is only $9.99! Use them both at the same time or keep one in each car! Get one today and save your arms!

Disclosure:  I was sent two complimentary Mighty Handles to facilitate my review. I was not paid for this post. Affiliate links included.

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