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Octonauts Pumpkins!

I’ve never been an over-achiever when it comes to pumpkin carving. There are some AMAZING photos of RIDICULOUSLY incredible pumpkin carvings on the Internet and every year I’m amazed by the photos of my friends’ pumpkins. Me? We’ve always been more of the traditional (okay, lazy) pumpkin persuasion — you know, triangle eyes, square nose, maybe get a little creative and do a few silly teeth.

Okay so last year, we did have a Mickey Mouse pumpkin to go with the boys’ costumes (Mickey Mouse and Toodles)…

And the year before we did a kinda funny face when the boys were Mario and Luigi

By the way, I believe it’s physically impossible not to smile when you see this photo of a 6 month old Spencer as Luigi:

But this year? I thought my husband was going to kill me when I suggested we attempt Octonauts pumpkins to go with our boys’ Captain Barnacles and Peso costumes. Or, rather, he liked the idea when he thought I was going to help but when he realized my “talents” for pumpkin carving are nonexistent and he would be doing all of the design work, THAT’s when he began thinking murderous thoughts. (Don’t worry — spoiler alert:  We all survived pumpkin carving.)

I’d seen some great Octonauts pumpkins at the Octonauts Facebook page, and we adapted one of them to, ahem, suit our abilities. It took more time than a triangle-triangle-square-toothless grin pumpkin, but the boys think they’re pretty rad and so do I!

Here’s our Kwazii Cat and Octo Alert pumpkins!

Octonauts Pumpkins

My husband more or less just drew on the pumpkins with the crayon included with the carving tools. We had an Octonauts logo to work with for the Octo Alert but had to make some adjustments to make it work as a carving. And thankfully, we used our MessMatz to keep our table safe and clean. Pumpkin carving was fun AND a success this year!

Do you do over-the-top pumpkins or are you a traditionalist? What do yours look like this year?

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