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KaWaii Cloth Diaper Review *Giveaway closed*!

For the first two years of cloth diapering my sons, I used primarily prefolds and covers.  I made this choice for budget reasons, because that system is by far the most economical way to cloth diaper.  I acquired several All In One (AIO) and Pocket diapers over the years and those became our go-to diapers for going out of the house.  As our family has grown and our lives have gotten busier, I began to long for a simpler system for cloth diapering and dreamed our completely revamping our stash for pocket diapers.  Several weeks ago, I did it!

Ahhh, pretty new diapers!

I ordered a dozen KaWaii Baby One-Size Heavy Duty Pocket diapers from Jack Be Natural to complement our small pocket/AIO stash of about 8 diapers.  KaWaii Baby makes several styles of diapers, including diapers with bamboo fabrics, soft minky outers, and snap or velcro closures.  In addition to solid styles (which I ordered), they also have adorable prints!  The One-Size diapers fit babies from 8-36 lbs.  Their pocket diapers come with two inserts (microfiber or bamboo, depending on the style of diaper ordered) for varying absorbency.

I chose KaWaii diapers because despite being considerably lower in price than other diapers on the market, they get great reviews from customers!  The fit is comparable to other more well-known brands — and believe me, I’ve tried most of them out there!  I ordered a mostly microfleece inners on my diapers, but I did get several suede inners.  In all honesty, if I had to do it again, I would order all suede inners, I just like the feel of it better.

These diapers are cute, trim underneath clothes, absorbent, and make for easy, no-fuss cloth diapering!  If you’re looking to start up your stash with low startup cost or want to revamp your stash, I can highly recommend ordering KaWaii Baby diapers!

Enter below to win this diaper!

My choice to order from Jack Be Natural is one I am very happy about!  They sent a few free samples with my diapers, had very fast shipping, included a personal note in my shipment, and when there was a problem with my order they responded quickly and appropriately to fix the issue!  Their customer service is beyond top-notch!

So here’s the extra fun part!  I’m giving away one of these new KaWaii Baby One-Size Heavy Duty Pocket diapers!  It is in dark blue color and has a microfleece inner!

Giveaway closed!  Congratulations to Rachel N., the winner!

All you need to do to enter is complete the entry form below!  There is one mandatory entry and four additional entries (for a total of five).  The giveaway will end on Thursday, March 10th at 11:59pm.  One winner will be chosen at random using a number generator from all valid entries.  Winner will be announced on Friday, March 11th and contacted by email.  Good luck!

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About Krista

Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently aged 6 and 7. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.


  1. Maria D. says:

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. Krista,
    How do these compare to bum genius? I am very new to CDing and have barrowed some AIO (bum genius, Happy Heinny’s, and a Wonderoo). I need to get some of my own and the price is right for the Kawaii. Also how many diapers would you recommend in a stash? Thanks for everything. 🙂 Lois

  3. Compared to bumGenius, the fit and style is very similar, just know that because the price is considerably cheaper, you might find some irregularities. For instance, there are a bunch of different types of labels on the KaWaiis. I’m not sure if they are to signify different versions they have gone through or what, but they are different. Also the laundry tabs differ among all of mine. I think they hold up well and even with the irregularities, they are very functional! I happen to love them and I’m thrilled with my decision to change our stash to all pockets and mostly KaWaiis.

    I think I have 18 pocket diapers in our stash now and washing every 2-3 days with a 1 year old, it’s perfect. With a younger baby, you might need either more diapers or need to wash more often.

    I hope that helps! (Anyone else want to chime in?)

  4. Krista,
    How early did you start cloth diapering Spencer? I’m thinking I’ll probably use some disposables in the beginning since everyone seems to have issues with CDs fitting newborns. What do you think? Can’t wait til we find out the gender next week and I can start ordering! Also, as a first time CD user, would you recommend ordering a few different brands and deciding my favorites later or are you that confident in the KaWaii’s that you would suggest I just stick with them? The prices are great!

  5. Hi there!
    I’ve done my research about Kawaii’s via their website and their FB page. I’ve also spoken with other people who have used them for a while and directly to their staff who monitor their FB page. Anyway, the differing in labels according to a FB Kawaii representative is: “the additional benefits for the Mom label are:
    The higher fiber density provides 30% more absorption and
    added Front Panel – Avoid Leaking for Babies Sleeping on their Tummy.” Hope that helps!


  6. I am so excited about this giveaway! My husband and I have committed to using Kawaii dipes when we have a baby!


  7. Angela – That’s very interesting!! Thanks!

  8. You’re welcome!

    Oh and I’ve heard that these tend to outshine BG in performance, but I can’t speak of this personally.

  9. Stacy – I think he was probably 2 weeks old when we first tried cloth diapers on him. They were still a little big on him though. If you want to start with cloth, I recommend getting a good newborn stash for the first month or two until one-size diapers fit well. Kawaii actually makes a Pure & Natural diaper that is supposed to fit from 6 lbs. Other people like to use fitted diapers (with covers) for newborns.

    The great thing about cloth diapers is that as long as you take care of them, you can re-sell them at places like!

    I think there is something to be said for trying lots of brands but on the other hand, I am really enjoying the simplicity of our diapers right now.

    Does that help at all?

  10. I can personally say that I’ve had issues with the velcro on my BGs. The older-style laundry tabs are worthless and over time the velcro really starts to crap out, so to speak. That being said, they have put more of an effort into the quality of their velcro/aplix because of the complaints that customers have had.

  11. Stacy B says:

    Yes, it helps! Thank you:) I think part of my thinking is that I know people will give us newborn size disposables, so I’m hoping to be able to skip the smaller size CDs and go for the one size diapers after that. Thanks again!

  12. Thanks!

  13. The velcro on the one Kawaii that I have is far superior to the BG 3.0s. I have had nearly every BG 3.0 replaced under warranty. On the other hand, it’s nice to use a dipe for months, and then get it replaced by a new one for free because the company (BG) stands by their product. I haven’t tried the 4.0 velcro, but love the larger size accommodated by the 4.0 snaps. I love my BGs, but I think I would invest in more Kawaiis if it was necessary to my stash at this point.

  14. Lois,
    For two children in cloth diapers (23 month old, and a 5month) old we have approximately 47 different diapers.

    We haven’t had any problems with bum genius, but I do agree with the comments above suggesting there are irregularities with Kawaii diapers.


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