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Winter Storm? Meh.

For everyone who lives in a not-quite-Midwest and not-quite-The-South state like Kentucky, I give you this: We constantly get forecasts of apocalyptic snow and it NEVER HAPPENS. Gettin' real tired of your lies, meteorologists*. *Disclaimer:  I … Continue Reading

Spring has almost sprung!

This Spring weather is awesome.  Right now I'm sitting at my kitchen table with the windows open (well, one of them is open, the other is broken due to hail damage from a few weeks ago) watching my boys play in the backyard.  We recently got a new … Continue Reading

Go Bags!

We are having some pretty severe weather in Kentucky right now.  It could be something major or it could be nothing this time, but with it not being spring yet and already having a couple of tornado warnings already, I thought today would be as good … Continue Reading

Emergency Preparedness – #20

It's our 20th Episode!!!  Thank you so much for your support in getting us here! The show starts off with a classic Playdate Crashers Podcast moment, Jamie and Krista discussing "Milkies" (from Episode #9: Breast Friends)! We discuss safety plans … Continue Reading

Baby It’s Cold Outside – #7

Episode 7 Artwork

We discuss: - Holiday Baking Award Winning Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies - Cookie fails - Cookie Exchange Parties:  quite possibly the greatest thing EVER - Nut Rolls and Monkey Bread - Weather chat - Cold weather frustrations and … Continue Reading