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Kinderwagon Hop: Double Stroller Review

This Kinderwagon Hop double stroller review was written out of my own admiration for the product which I purchased myself.  Let's face it, there are not a whole lot of options when it comes to strollers for two or more. Since my twins were born we … Continue Reading

Double Trouble: Twin Toddlerhood

We are at the edge of our twin boys entering into toddlerhood. Last night they were both experimenting with small toddles between their dad and me. The ability to walk has been the one thing that kept them as babies in my mind. Yesterday I was … Continue Reading

Breastfeeding Twins: Our Year in Review

We had a difficult start when my twin boys Luke and Cole were born over a year ago. They were eight weeks premature and had to stay in the NICU for two weeks before we were able to bring them home. They weren't able to nurse until around their due … Continue Reading

Too Many Babies In The Office

Enjoy a guest post from Krista's friend Rea who blogs at Loving the Chaos (with twins and a toddler)! As a mother of three children, I have been faced with the choice of making separate doctor appointments for the trio or taking them … Continue Reading

We are the 2%

Did you know that twins make up only around 2% of the population? Pin It … Continue Reading

Milestones, yours or mine?

"Your baby does what?" I feel like anytime I see my friends post about the newest milestone their babies are reaching I am in complete and total shock. Several of my facebook friends and I were all due within a few weeks of each other, mid March- … Continue Reading

Observe, Compare, Contrast

As much as I try not to, I frequently find myself comparing my identical twin boys Luke and Cole with each other. Sometimes I feel really guilty about it, because I don’t want to create competition between the two of them. But at this early stage of … Continue Reading

Starting Solids

While visiting my parents who live out of state, we decided to make a pilgrimage to our favorite Swedish home decorating mecca, Ikea. Our objective was to obtain more wooden train tracks for Will's newest obsession, Thomas the Train. It is hard to … Continue Reading

TwinTrexx Carrier

Babywearing is a great way to carry your child safely and nurture the bond between mother and child. There have been many times as a mother of twins that I wished I could figure out how to wear both babies at the same time in a safe and comfortable … Continue Reading

Both Sides: Parent Guided Routines

Jamie and Krista agree on many things, but sometimes they have different opinions on parenting. This is the first post in a two-part series on routine vs on demand. Be sure to check out  Krista’s side, "Led By Baby". Before I had my first child, I … Continue Reading

NICU Survival Tip: Go Home?!?!

The NICU can be a scary and overwhelming place. I remember going up to the NICU only a few hours after my C-section so I could see my babies as soon as possible. It will be hard to erase the memory of the frequent 3 minute hand washes, the smell of … Continue Reading

From the NICU to the Breast: Stage 2

This post is part 2 of a post series that I writing about my experience leaving the NICU with bottle fed preemie babies (twins) and our adventure transiting to exclusive breast feeding.  Read about Stage 1 here! Stage 2: Well, unfortunately I … Continue Reading

From the NICU to the Breast: Stage 1

This post is part 1 of a post series that I writing about my experience leaving the NICU with bottle fed preemie babies (twins) and our adventure transiting to exclusive breast feeding. After our twin sons' birth at 32 weeks and 3 days gestation, … Continue Reading

Birth Story: Cole and Luke

The birth story of Cole and Luke began a whole month before they were born. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my obstetric history, it all began at 28 weeks when my water broke unexpectedly. The date was Wednesday December 22nd, three days … Continue Reading

Catching Up Is Fun To Do – #14

Breaking up may be hard to do, but catching up is fun to do, and that's exactly what we're doing on Episode #14!  Jamie shares about how she is adjusting to being a mom of three, with twin newborns and an 18 month old at home!  Krista tells about … Continue Reading

Prodromal Labor: The Purgatory of Pregnancy

Some of you may have noticed a decrease in my presence here and on Facebook. The reason is that over the weekend I managed to lose myself in what I am now calling the purgatory of pregnancy, more commonly known as prodromal labor (best identified by … Continue Reading

Breast Friends – #9

Episode 9 Artwork

We discuss: - What's new with The Playdate Crashers - Jamie's hospital bedrest - Krista's return from holiday travels and preparing for potty training - Why we each decided to breastfeed - Our personal breastfeeding stories:  Jamie & Will, … Continue Reading

When Each Day Counts

I never imagined that we would be in the situation that we are in right now. I had suggested to friends that although our twins weren't due till March, I had a feeling that they would be here closer to Valentines day. I had no clue that my feeling … Continue Reading

Change of Plans!

Well, I was going to post today on how I had been having trouble getting into the holiday spirit, but due to recent events, it doesn't matter if I am or not! I was actually starting to feel pretty good yesterday. Alex and I got to enjoy a little … Continue Reading

Preterm Labor Scare

Sunday is always a long day for our family. My husband works at a church and we've got two busy services on Sundays (one in the morning, and one a night). Last Sunday, I was thankful to work in a mid-afternoon nap during the first half of the … Continue Reading