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Review: Strider Bikes

If you're looking for a Christmas present for your young child that will teach them something, keep them active, and provide hours of fun, look no further than Strider Bikes! I was given the opportunity to review a Strider 12 Sport Bike with my 4 … Continue Reading

Get Superhero Sound from iHome/Disney and FAB Starpoint!

Do you love superhero and comic book character movies? I didn't grow up reading comic books, but I do love a classic superhero. My husband is a big Captain America fan/nerd and Jamie shared on the blog over a year ago that her husband loves … Continue Reading

Entertain in style with products from Trudeau!

Ahhhhhhh, summer. If school isn't out where you are yet, you're about to feel it. The sweet, lazy days of summer. Even if you'll be working and going to the office all summer like I am, there's just something about summer. Those longer days mean more … Continue Reading


Somewhere inside this sleep-deprived, stretchy-pants-wearing mom, there's a girly girl dying to get out. I love makeup and pampering myself, but having a family means that many times I get by with only a checkout aisle Chapstick instead of … Continue Reading

Little Pim: Foreign Languages for Kids Review

The idea of teaching foreign languages to young children is a not a new concept, but Little Pim's award-winning foreign language series makes it both fun and possible for children to learn a new language! Little Pim uses the The Entertainment … Continue Reading

Jamie’s 2011 Christmas Picks for Tots

At 2 1/2 and 10 months, I still get the pleasure of picking out toys for my kids because they can't read yet and have limited outside influences on their play choices. For the past couple of months, Will has been obsessed with "Mighty Machines" aka … Continue Reading

Bella Parola Giveaway *Giveaway Ended!*

We are thrilled to announce a brand new giveaway for our readers and listeners!  Today, we launch a giveaway for two items from Bella Parola's Etsy shop!  Yes, that means there will be TWO winners! Bella Parola is a shop created and run by one of … Continue Reading

Product Review: The Velveteen Bible

My oldest son, who is almost three, loves Bibles.  He has at least four and he sleeps with one every night.  Naturally when I saw that was offering a Bible for review, I jumped at the chance to add another Bible to his collection.  The … Continue Reading

Mother’s Day Wishes

In case you haven't heard, Mother's Day is this weekend.  (Don't scoff, there might be someone out there *cough ME cough* who thought Mother's Day was NEXT weekend.)  Every where you look, there are advertisements for lovely gifts for mothers and … Continue Reading

*Giveaway Closed* Belle Fille Boutique Mama Necklace Giveaway!

This giveaway ended on Friday, April 8th, 2011!  Thank you for entering! We are thrilled to have a new giveaway sponsored by Daphne at Belle Fille Boutique!  Daphne is the mama behind some beautiful mama necklaces (for nursing and/or teething), … Continue Reading

Super Easy Craft Tutorial: Photo Block Puzzle

Let me start this tutorial by making a confession. I am not crafty. I'm barely even creative. But I have high aspirations of craftiness. I want to be able to knit, crochet, sew, quilt, and create brilliant designs with minimal supplies. … Continue Reading

Holiday Hangover – #8

Episode 8 Artwork

We discuss: - What's new? - Bad gifts! - Re-Gifting Re-Gifting Etiquette - Dirty Santa/Yankee Swap/White Elephant parties - New Years Plans and Resolutions - What's coming up for … Continue Reading

You Tell Us: Your Favorite Gift

I'm sure you will get some great gifts for Christmas this year. You might get some awful ones too (stay tuned for Episode 8, where we talk about bad gifts!). Instead of talking about the good and the bad gifts we have gotten or will get for … Continue Reading

Holiday Shopping – #5

Episode 5 Artwork

Catching up on holiday travels, Jamie's pregnancy, Krista's whole household being sick Holiday Shopping for Kids's Toys That Get Played With list (we mention lots of great toys on the list!) Christmas gift strategies On … Continue Reading