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Hey Hey, Look! It’s an announcement!

Next week, after my husband and I figure a few things out, we’ll be sitting our boys down to have a little Family Meeting. We have some news to share with them, and who better than The Berenstain Bears to help us do it?

I need to track down this book in the next few days…

The Berenstain Bears and Mama's New Job The Berenstain Bears and Mama’s New Job

That’s right, I’m going back to work! Just part-time for now, but big changes are coming for our family! It should be interesting, and I’m so excited about it! I can’t say much about what the job is, because it’s not official yet, but stay tuned for more details 🙂

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Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently aged 6 and 7. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.


  1. Congratulations Krista! FYI there’s also a DVD with this story on it. It’s one of the updated Berenstein Bears DVDs that came out a few years ago. We are going through a Berenstain Bears phase here currently.