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Happy Valentine’s Day!

"Sorry, ladies!" Valentine's Day eCard

Looking for a cute photo with your cuties for Valentine's Day? Here's one that I did with my boys upon the suggestion of my mom (I think she saw it done somewhere last year). I used real lipstick, which did NOT come off easily, by the way! I … Continue Reading

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Simple Last-Minute Valentine's Day Ideas at

Once again, I've totally slacked off in the holiday preparedness department, so in order to help other moms who may be scrambling to find a few cute things to do with their kids for Valentine's Day, here's a few of my favorite ideas! This year is … Continue Reading

Ruby Red Love Giveaway!

Hosted by Diary of a Determined Momma & The Bloggers Cupcake Cafe Most people have a dream in their head of the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day. There's just the right person to spend it with, at just the right place, with just the right … Continue Reading

Homemade Valentines…WHY?!

Mustache and Lip Valentines

What is wrong with me?  I know they sell Valentines for about a penny each.  They are cute, they have adorable sayings on them and all you have to do is sign your name. So WHY ON EARTH did I insist on making the boys' Valentines for 30 kids that … Continue Reading