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Farewell, Playroom.

Ugh. Sometimes I exhaust myself with my constant need for change. Don't get all psychoanalytical on me, but I have a hard time keeping things the same for longer than 6 months. We're constantly moving furniture around, reorganizing closets, making … Continue Reading

Hello Dolly

I tell you what, these blog post titles for this little phase with Spencer just write themselves. I can't tell you how many times I snorted at yesterday's post title, "Hair's the Problem." Probably because we live in Kentucky, and sometimes "Here" … Continue Reading

Hair’s The Problem

I really thought we would be done with strange sleep issues by now. The boys are 4 and 2.5 years old and while we still deal with them coming to our bed each and every night, I didn't think we'd still have a sleep problem like this. So what's the … Continue Reading

I miss sleep.

*yawn* I'm tired, folks. It's been a little over four years since my oldest child was born and I can count on one hand the number of nights I've slept all the way through the night in a bed by myself or just with my husband. I'm so sick and tired … Continue Reading