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Review: Plackers Dual Grip Fruit Smoothie Swirl Flossers

Spencer tries Plackers Flossers for kids

We all want to do everything we can to keep our kids safe, happy, and healthy. While we, as parents, understand the importance of dental health, our kids are typically reluctant (to say the least!) to develop good dental hygiene practices. Here's … Continue Reading

Go Oink! and Go Ape! to make you think and giggle

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. A mommy confession, if you will. Game time with my boys can sometimes be excruciating. I don't care how cute and sweet your kids are, after the 10,000,000th game of Go Fish, I'm kinda over it. But thanks to … Continue Reading

Board Game Review: Don’t Rock The Boat!

Krista from The Playdate Crashers reviews Don't Rock The Boat by Patch Products

One of my favorite things to do with the boys on quiet evenings is play board games. We've amassed quite a collection already and last week I got to add to it with a new addition, Patch Products' Don't Rock The Boat! This game will put your … Continue Reading

Magic Mesh Review

"CLOSE THE DOOR PLEASE!...MILES, PLEASE CLOSE THE DOOR!...GUYS!  THE DOOR!" or... *click click click*...*click click click* Which one sounds better to you??  Yeah, that's what I thought.  Who wouldn't prefer the quiet, almost undetectable … Continue Reading

Wish List: The Ladybug Game & Party Gras by Zobmondo!

My husband and I both come from families that love playing board games.  My mom is not happy unless at least one game has been played at every family gathering.  Brandon's mom had a huge metal cabinet filled with board games.  So when I say that my … Continue Reading

Wish List: Patch Products Games & Toys

We love games here at the Dulaney house.  I could hardly wait for Miles to start playing board games.  We got him his first board games last year, when he was 2.5.  Since then, he has gotten more games at his birthday and will be receiving some this … Continue Reading

Review & Giveaway: Milk Trays

Stacy brings us a guest product review of Milk Trays and you can win one for yourself!  Read on! I’m not the biggest “green” person. I do a lot of “green” things, but they are generally done in an effort to save money. Cloth diapers, for example. … Continue Reading

Review & Giveaway: Le Bibble Baby Bottle Bib

Today, Joy G. is reviewing the Le Bibble Baby Bottle Bib for us and you have a chance to win your own! OK, I’ll admit it: we have a messy eater at our house. There are constantly burp cloths strewn around anywhere our daughter has eaten and she … Continue Reading

Review & Giveaway: Milkies Milk-Saver

We are thrilled to bring you a guest review from Becky of!  Because Jamie and I aren't at places in our kids' lives that we can really test out the Milk-Saver, we asked for a volunteer from our readers!  Thanks for helping us out, … Continue Reading

Product Review: Aqueduck

How many times a day should your child wash their hands? Now how many times a day does your child actually wash their hands? I'm guessing those numbers aren't the same, if your home is anything like mine.  Part of the problem with getting … Continue Reading

Review: Sock Ons and Dribble Ons

Baby socks and shoes are a no-win situation. When you don't have socks on your baby, people feel compelled to comment that their feet must be cold. However, if you attempt to put socks and shoes on your child you will constantly be hearing "you're … Continue Reading

Review: Body By Vi (Visalus Sciences)

The following review is of samples received from Visalus Sciences, the company behind the popular Body By Vi 90 day challenge. Our samples included 2 pouches of Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix , 1 sample of Vi-Slim® to help burn fat and support lean … Continue Reading

*Closed* What Are You Reading? With A GIVEAWAY!

Giveaway is closed!  Winner was Entry #13, Daphne T! It's time again for us to ask what you're reading! Tell us what you've recently read or are currently reading - fiction, nonfiction, paper, or eBook? Here's what Krista recently read: I … Continue Reading

Baby Carrier Follow Up!

A few weeks ago, I did a 14 day trial of three buckle baby carriers from Heavenly Hold - a Beco Butterfly 2, a Beco Gemini, and a Boba 2G. I did a video review that I posted for the blog and then purchased one of the carriers. I ended up buying one … Continue Reading

What Are You Reading? (Plus A Review!)

Once again I want to ask our readers and listeners, what are YOU reading? Fiction? Non-fiction? Paper book or eBook? I received a copy of Beth Moore's Voices Of The Faithful devotional book through and I have been reading it … Continue Reading

Krista’s Baby Carrier Review

Did you watch the video review? Here's a quick round-up of my thoughts on each carrier: Boba 2G Organic, Willow - Great design, really nice fit, love the removable foot straps for older kids, love the color combos, just wish there were more … Continue Reading