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Simple Shoe Tip for Preschoolers

Shoe Tip from

Sometimes I'll think of a solution to a minor problem and think "How did I not think of this before now? How much time have I wasted? How much frustration have I experienced before this stupidly simple solution came to mind?" This is one of those … Continue Reading

My Little Preschooler

You thought you were in the clear, didn't you? You thought you were going to get away with not seeing a huge post about my son's first day of school. Well you were wrong :D I'm going to give you a spoiler alert right now...We made it! He loved it … Continue Reading

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

I want to know who it was that decided "The Terrible Two's" were going to be the phase of child-rearing that we would use to scare new parents.  Is it just the alliteration thing?  Because seriously, 2?  No big deal.  It's no picnic, but I'm gonna … Continue Reading