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Holiday (Dis)organization

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Ohhhhhhh, it's starting.  Christmas Spirit is going to force itself on you SOON, whether you like it or not.  Like a skilled hunter, it will TRACK.YOU.DOWN. If you're like me, you look forward to the fun things of Christmas like watching "Elf" and … Continue Reading

There’s No Place Like Home

Today's the day!  This morning, my husband and I are closing on our new home, just across town from where we currently live. We are so excited!  We have lived in this town for almost three years, but we haven't settled in yet.  We've had several … Continue Reading

What’s For Dinner?

One of the motherly/wifely duties I struggle with staying on top of is menu planning. I always feel this pressure to come up with cute little meals that everyone will love, cleaning their plates and asking for more. As you can imagine, this rarely … Continue Reading