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Love at the Christmas Table (2012), starring Danica McKellar (Winnie!!!)

Aired 11/26/12 on Lifetime (Falalala Lifetime, y’all! Or apparently they’re calling it “It’s A Wonderful Lifetime” this year. Whatever.)

Movie description:  A man realizes that his best friend since childhood is the woman that he loves. (Spoiler alert much?) See the movie page at

The movie opens on Christmas Day in the present. Sam Reid is returning home, which we discover via voiceover. This movie is going to be one of those movies that does comedic freezes throughout while the voice explains something we need to know, but at least there aren’t record-scratching sound effects.

Throwin’ back a can of Redi-Whip

In this case, we’re introduced to two people, one of whom is Danica McKellar’s character, Kat . Then we go back in time, to a series of flashbacks from when Sam and Kat are 4, 10, 13, 18 years old. The table (presumably the Christmas Table) shown in the first scene is the very first table that Sam and Kat’s fathers built when they started their furniture company together. Sam and Kat are the best of friends and spend a lot of time playing and hiding under the table, which we witness in a number of Christmas flashbacks. In their teenage years, we glimpse evidence of some unrequieted love that doesn’t lead anywhere.

After innocently falling asleep on the couch together at age 18, the two awkwardly say goodbye, with the hopes that next year they’ll see one another again. Which they do, at age 19, 20 (which involves an elaborate indoor snowball fight scene), 21 (in which they crawl under the table en route to the kid’s table), and 22 (full of deep questions about the meaning of life and whatnot).

At this point, it’s 30 minutes into the movie and I still have no idea whose house they are always in. I mean, I know it’s Lea Thompson’s house, but who her character is and why they’re always there? No clue. Tell me more, movie!

We’re still in flashbacks, age 23. It’s Christmas again and Sam doesn’t show up so their annoying friend drags Kat to a party with friends. Age 24, Sam arrives but he’s not alone…He’s brought a lovely lady with him. Uh oh! The new girl, Rebecca, is Australian and apparently things are serious between them. It’s obvious that Kat is crushed by this new development and Elissa (Lea Thompson) takes her upstairs to a study. She gives Kat an old copy of Great Expectations and apparently Kat has never heard of it, so she tells Kat about Miss Havisham. She also reveals that she was always in love with Kat’s father and has been consumed by this for her whole adult life. She shares a great nugget of wisdom that I’m not going to spoil for you, but apparently it works. Kat is inspired by the speech and leaves with some stranger at the Christmas get-together with one last wistful look at Sam.

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We’re about halfway through the movie now and at a flashback when they are 25. This flashback opens with the guy Kat left last year’s party with (Clint), talking about proposing. He tells a long story about it and you think “Aw crap, Kat’s gone and gotten engaged to this loser” but no! Surprise, it’s some other chick. But he was dating Kat but left her and Kat is devastated. Her father wisely tells her that she dodged a bullet and as she is leaving the party, guess who’s coming in the door? Sam, of course! He’s all charming and sweet and he gets her to stay. He’s still dating the girl we met last year but has come home to comfort Kat with some silly (but meticulously choreographed) dancing. I would like to point out that though the music is being played inside, their dancing progresses to the front yard and they miss not a step. Must be some crazy loud music. The dancing is infectious and soon the whole crowd is slow dancing on the front lawn. And then…whoa, it’s all serious up in here. They’re looking into one another’s eyes with love and getting closer, and then — fade to commercial.

More flashbacks…Age 26 and it’s karaoke time! Sam and Rebecca have broken up and she knows they broke up because her. There’s a tender moment in their dads’ furniture company where they are laying on some foam and then they share a dramatic kiss.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was a scene from a horror movie about a stalker.

Next Christmas (Age 27, keep up!), Kat is “sick” and skipping the party just to avoid seeing Sam. These crazy kids just can’t seem to get this right. They fight by phone about him being away from their hometown and family all year and her never leaving their hometown. I don’t really understand what they’re fighting about. It’s almost like we’re missing AN ENTIRE YEAR OF THEIR LIFE AT A TIME because we’re only seeing tiny snippets of every Christmas Eve with no real information about them. The argument takes a pretty ugly turn when Sam accuses Kat of “playing the dead mom card” as they fight over the phone as he’s standing outside her house. Too far, Sam.

And that’s when we see that he had an engagement ring in his pocket. So I guess he was planning to propose to Kat but instead ended up crushing her beyond repair. Good one.

FINALLY we are back to present day (with 30 minutes left in the movie) and Sam and Kat are helping Elissa get the house ready for the party. Sam brought an engagement ring but his attempts to get Kat alone to pop the question are futile. They are sitting at the kitchen table (no wait, sorry, it’s the Christmas table) and Kat gives this big speech about thinking about what he said 5 years ago and she’s going to do something about it. She pulls out a ring box and Sam thinks she’s going to propose to HIM but then she says “Wish me luck!” and goes off to find someone else, leaving him sitting there, stunned.

It turns out she brought the ring to give to Elissa, wanting her to propose to Kat’s dad. They have a heart to heart up in the study and then Kat’s dad comes in too (she invited them both, unbeknownst to the other). Kat sits Elissa and her dad down and tells them she wants them together and officially asks Elissa to ask her dad to marry him. It’s actually a really sweet scene and all corniness aside, I admit I teared up.

The next bit has a lot of moving parts. Sam and Kat’s mutual friend tells Sam that Kat has been over him for years. He is dejected and goes for a walk with his parents, who have silently been rooting for Sam and Kat for years. Meanwhile, Kat finds out the friend told Sam it wasn’t going to happen between them and Elissa tells Kat she has something to show her. She gives Kat the keys to the furniture shop and when Kat arrives, there is a trail of red and pink crayons leading into and around the shop, where he has pinned up a map and a photo of a house. It then cuts to Sam telling his parents that he did something stupid, he bought a house for he and Kat. Inside the furniture shop he has made an incredibly elaborate and life-size model house out of cardboard. While she looks through the house, Sam is telling his parents that he doesn’t think Kat will leave their hometown, but then we see Elissa opening and reading a resignation letter that Kat left on her desk. She finally finds that he has created a life-size model of the kitchen Christmas table. She tries to call him, he’s trying to find her (after some prompting from his parents), and there’s a bit of running and driving around before they are both back at Elissa’s empty house where the kitchen Christmas table has been decorated for the proposal.

It’s beautiful and sweet and if my kids weren’t screaming at one another and running through the living room, I’m sure I would have cried.

Love at the Christmas Table is corny at times and leaves out some stuff, but as far as these sappy Christmas movies go, it’s not bad! I was honestly hoping it would be terrible, so we’ll try again next week when I watch and review “Naughty or Nice”!

Reviewed: Seduced By Lies Mon, 22 Oct 2012 12:00:15 +0000 Seduced By Lies, starring Josie Davis (one of my favorite Lifetime crazies!) and Marc Menard

Movie description from  A young woman goes back home after selling her internet company. She meets the perfect man and feels that her ex-boyfriend and best friend may be undermining her happiness. It is soon revealed that her new boyfriend has a shady past and isn’t what he seems.

**Contains Spoilers! You’ve been warned!**

The movie opens with a scene of a dark-haired woman leaving a bar and walking across a dark and deserted parking lot. She’s hit by a car, a hit and run, and then the scene immediately goes to a setting Two Weeks Earlier (so says the on-screen text). We begin following our main character, Laura (not the dark-haired woman from the parking lot), who is returning home (via private helicopter and limo) to her family in San Francisco. We are introduced to her sister (I wasn’t sure what her name was until I looked it up on IMDB…Tina? Tito? IMDB says Tia — who knew?) and stepmother, Catherine, who we are immediately supposed to know is wicked (later called “evil”). We also meet Laura and Tia’s father, Charles Colton, who is apparently quite wealthy. You know this because of the many references to his piles of money and because they have this massive dining room table. There’s some conversation during dinner that tells us that Laura has received some help from her father’s connections and influence and she apparently would be a worthless individual without her father’s assistance.

After dinner, Laura drives to see her friend. There’s some scary violin music in the background to tell us that something bad is happening and sure enough, Laura is being followed by someone in a dark hooded sweatshirt. Turns out Laura is going to a bar to see her friend Ava (you may remember her from being run over by a car in the first 3 minutes of the movie. While there, Laura meets Brad Sterling, a young, studly dude who deals in investments and owns a yacht. He buys her a drink, they talk for hours apparently, share a sloppy dance and finally an odd squeaky kiss.

It was during this scene that I decided that Josie Davis must have had a hard time not being the deranged nutjob villian in this movie. She has such unique bizarre mannerisms that you really want to believe she is a lunatic. I honestly thought, up until the end of the movie, that maybe she was crazy in this one too. Seriously though, watch The Perfect Assistant if you want to see her at her maniacal finest. This weekend was apparently Josie Davis Weekend on Lifetime, they had three of her movies showing on Friday night.

Okay anyway. I digress…Laura’s stalker follows her home and sneaks onto her family’s property and watches her undress from the bushes. For such a rich family, they sure didn’t invest in drapes, because she’s changing right out in the open until she hears a twig snap (from outside? Really?) and gets spooked, but not spooked enough to do anything about it. The next morning at breakfast, she sees that she received a vase of flowers from Brad and she plays coy with her sister and stepmother and won’t dish about her date. She goes to Brad’s yacht and there’s a bit of corny dialogue (“Do you send flowers to all the ladies you meet?”) and they kiss once. She needs him to come over to the house to get her dad and stepmother off her back about being set up with her ex-boyfriend Jonathan and show them that she’s doing fine without their help.

As they’re driving up to the house, there are some shots of the driveway from the car. Is it just me who has been ruined by those surprise car accident scenes that are shot from inside the car? I kept expecting them to hit someone or a Mack truck to

“Look! It’s me! And my uncle! Playing golf!”

come out of nowhere and plow into them. They make it up to the house without incident and are introduced to Laura’s dad and stepmom. Brad makes the connection that Charles knows his uncle Wade and for some reason awkwardly shows Laura’s father a photo on his phone of Brad and Wade playing golf at Pebble Beach. Charles is all “Ummm…okay, thank you for showing me that…?” It made me laugh. Laura’s ex and his father come over to the Colton house and Jonathan (the ex) gets all aggressive with Laura, saying that she barely knows Brad and should be careful. Somehow the Coltons offer to let Brad stay in their guest house instead of him living in his yacht and later that night Laura goes to visit Brad wearing a silky robe. He’s shirtless (obvs) and within seconds they get to work consummating their 1-day-old relationship with a soundtrack of synthesizer and piano.

The next bit is kind of boring but we get to know Ava a little more (she’s recording a demo, blahblahblah), the stepmom seems to be a bit of a creeper, and Brad talks investments with Laura’s dad. Oh yeah and apparently someone has placed a hidden

I found your hidden camera!

camera in one of the potted plants in the guest house and has been watching Brad and Laura. One afternoon, Ava comes over to the Colton house and sees Brad “Ghosting” Catherine while he’s teaching her to correctly use fresh herbs (I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence). Ava tells Laura, who naturally freaks out and says Ava is just jealous of her fabulous relationship with Brad. Ava says “Be careful, Laura” but of course Laura won’t listen to her because Laura doesn’t listen to anyone.

Laura witnesses a confrontation between Brad and Jonathan at the yacht. Laura takes a photo of them with her phone (because she might need it for proof later in the movie) before Jonathan leaves. Laura asks Brad what that was all about and then asks about what Ava saw between Brad and Catherine which he vehemently denies and calls Ava unstable. Laura goes home and waits for Brad with a bottle of wine but then discovers the not-so-hidden camera. Brad comes home and she confronts him (there’s a lot of confrontation in this movie). Brad surprisingly suggests that they call the police but they don’t (Why would you want to get to the bottom of this??) then says maybe Jonathan was the one who planted the camera (See what I did there? “Planted the camera”? Because it was hidden in the plant.) Laura leaves the guest house and leaves a voicemail for Ava. But sorry, Ava can’t come to the phone right now, she’s about to get murdered. And she does, in the exact same footage from the beginning of the movie.

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Laura is sure Jonathan killed Ava, she makes a big scene, twice. Laura goes to Ava’s house and sees that Ava was researching Brad and had pulled up an article about a missing socialite and yacht (and it’s the same yacht). Brad has some unbelievable story to explain it away when she asks but she goes and searches his yacht anyway and finds a bunch of papers about her family and their wealth. Laura sends a website query form to Human Resources at the Sterling Investment firm (or something. Whatever.) to see if Brad is an employee. Naturally, if you think someone might be up to no good and capable of murder, you’d just send an email, not call them right away. *eyeroll*

Okay, some more unimportant stuff follows. Then there’s a totally ridic scene where someone’s creepin’ on Laura and she runs after them in the woods with a flashlight and then jumps in front of the person’s car. She’s sure it’s Brad but – surprise! – it’s Jonathan. They call the police who confirms he was watching her and had the camera footage on his computer. Laura now seems to be fully trusting of Brad and they get all hot and heavy in the guest house. She’s prepared to go with him to travel the world, presumably in the yacht, but Brad says he has a few things to finish first. That’s never a good sign.

Laura’s on her way to the airport with her family, leaving for vacation, when she gets an email reply from HR saying Brad isn’t an employee at the Sterling Investment place. She does some mobile-Googling and discovers Brad is a dirty rotten liar (which begs the question why she couldn’t find this information previously). She arrives home (with scary, suspenseful music in the background) and tiptoes inside to find Brad breaking into her dad’s safe. She’s hiding, he comes into the hallway with his gun, she dials 911 on this absurd rotary phone in the foyer, and goes back into the room with the safe as Brad gets into it and says “Bingo!” (Really? “Bingo”?) He’s admiring the diamonds from the safe when she pulls the gun on him. They struggle, he confesses all his dirty deedery and then she – I’m not making this up – DRILLS HIS LEG. Yes, she stabs him in the leg with the power drill he used to open the safe. There’s a long drawn-out sequence where she’s hiding, then fighting, then hiding again. Brad killed the butler and falls off the upstairs landing just as the police arrive. However, Brad is now GONE, nowhere to be seen. The police tell Laura he was on Interpol’s most wanted list and Laura’s family assures her that none of this is her fault. Seriously? How is it not her fault, even just a little bit?

The longest movie resolution evah ends with a flash forward six months later. We see Brad at a beach resort, holding one of the diamonds from Charles’s safe and ogling some chick at a bar.

Moral of the story? You aren’t safe anywhere. Brad is still out there, ready to pursue you and destroy your life. And apparently this movie was based on a true story, so the real “Brad” really is out there…RIGHT BEHIND YOU!

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Reviewed: Cyberstalker Mon, 17 Sep 2012 21:00:40 +0000 I interrupt my regularly-scheduled programming for something a little bit different. You see, I have an inexplicable affection for terrible Lifetime movies and other bad television. In fact, if you follow me on Twitter, my afternoon Tweets (during naptime) are usually full of sarcastic observations about Beverly Hills 90210 reruns and made for TV movies. I thought it might be fun to do a tongue in cheek review of particularly rotten movies here. Mostly because it’s my blog and it’s what I want to do, but also because I think you’ll enjoy it. So here we go!

My first selection for this new and irregular feature is the new made for TV movie, Cyberstalker, starring Mischa Barton. It originally aired on Lifetime Movie Network on Friday, September 14th 2012. But I DVR’d it and watched it on Sunday because that’s how I roll.

The movie opens in 1999. We watch as a shadowy figure creeps around a house, taking photos of young Aiden’s things. While the creeper is still creeping, a family pulls up to the house, in some sort of argument with their obviously rebellious daughter. Obvious because she has blue-streaked hair and rolls her eyes a lot. As Aiden goes up to her room, her mother calls upstairs after her “Don’t be on that computer!” This was the early days of the Interwebz, you see, and lots of shady business went on in chat rooms even then. So we as viewers know the creeper is still in the house. Aiden’s parents realize something is wrong and call the police and there are a few tense moments as you think Aiden is going to walk in on him in her closet. Instead, he sneaks out of Aiden’s window and comes back in downstairs and murders both of Aiden’s parents just as Detective Page shows up.

We then flash forward to 13 years later, which is interesting only because the characters continue to refer to the passing of time incorrectly. Detective Page is stewing over the cold homicide case of Aiden’s parents’, so his partner looks her up on some kind of Facebook/MySpace generic hybrid social network and finds her. We get a little old traditional cop/new-fangled technology cop banter as they disagree on methods but then they agree that this isn’t Aiden’s real profile, the killer must have made it to try and track her down. The police track her down through some computer program created by this nerdy hacker guy in a wheelchair, Jack Dayton from Cybercrimetics (*eyeroll*), that the police are working with to solve this cold case. It magically finds her artwork and traces it to her in Philadelphia.

We’re reintroduced to Aiden, who is a painter with a massive apartment and doesn’t look like she’s aged a day since we first saw her 1999. It’s never really explained how she affords this place and an art studio when she’s never had a showing of her work. She seems perfectly well-adjusted, save for the fact that she doesn’t date and has a vintage Nokia cell phone that doesn’t text or have GPS in it (which of course is laboriously pointed out through the dialogue. WE GET IT.). Aiden agrees to have her work shown at her first art show evah! and while she’s at the gallery, she meets this young hottie who chats her up. She has one drink and apparently gets so drunk from a tiny glass of white wine that she inexplicably agrees to let the hottie drive her home EVEN THOUGH it’s been pointed out time and time again that she’s untrusting of anyone because of what happens her to parents.

A short time later we see the back of the original creeper being let into Aiden’s apartment by the super (thanks, guy!), fumbling through her things, setting up “hidden” cameras that really aren’t hidden at all, and of course muttering threatening things in a scary voice. “You won’t need these anymore!” Muaaaahahahahaha. Then he lays down on her bed and smells her pillow, which we see through the “hidden” camera. There are all these ridiculous shots of furious keyboard typing, lots of flashing screens, and weird zooming all mixed with grunting and spooky music.

Aiden goes on a date with the art museum hottie Paul where they both order “coffee, black, with a lemon wedge.” (Gross.) While on her date, the police happen to discover that Paul was living in the same town as Aiden the summer her parents were murdered. Oh noes! The hottie is a suspect! Detective Page calls Aiden, who freaks the crap out in the cafe bathroom while Paul looks both menacing and annoyed in the hallway. He leaves and the detective then rescues poor Aiden.

Later we see Aiden in her apartment wearing a lovely silk robe and wielding a gigantic knife (since you know it’s so easy to attack an intruder with a kitchen utensil). We get these stupid shots of the back of the creeper’s head as he keeps making her power flicker on and off and then Detective Bonham (Det. Page’s partner) shows up at her house. Not at the door, mind you, but at the window making a scary shadow. He tells her he’s been told to keep an eye on her and he’ll be in his car. Aiden tries to sleep but can’t, so she calls her annoying therapist friend, Jill. She tells her friend that it was indeed Paul who killed her parents and Jill tells her to “channel it into your art and let the police do their job.” But do you think Aiden intends to do this? Of course not. They never do. Meanwhile, the creeper is listening to the phone conversation, knows who Aiden is talking to, and I’m Not Kidding You, “Search Engine”s her. No really. It looks just like Google but it says in huge letters SEARCH ENGINE. Ugh. Awful. He books an online appointment with Jill which of course makes us, the viewers, say “Oh no he didn’t! Jill, be careful!”

Detective Page finds Paul on the street outside Aiden’s studio and aggressively asks about the summer of 1999. Paul’s alibi is (again, I’m not kidding you) that he was backpacking through Europe. I mean, I know some people have actually backpacked through Europe but it’s such a corny alibi that no one would believe. He hears Paul out and they realize it isn’t Paul who murdered Aiden’s parents. But seriously, I could have told you that. It was only 45 minutes into the movie when he was pegged and you know there’s going to be a shocking ending to this one. So Aiden calls Paul and leaves a voicemail saying she wants to see him again (now that he’s not a murderer and all) and the creeper is listening in (seriously this guy needs a new hobby) and goes 7 shades of crazy with rage. So crazy that his neighbor or roommate comes to the door to tell him to shut up and keep it down. He sees a shattered laptop on the floor and calls 911 somehow while the creeper is lunging for him. There’s a really ridiculous shot of him holding up his iPhone perfectly so we can see it calling 911. It looks like he’s trying to show the creeper an Instagrammed photo of his lunch. So dumb. The creeper then snaps the dude’s neck, obvs, and runs out the door with a bunch of computer equipment and a disguise.

Next we see the creeper renting the vacant apartment next door to Aiden. Uh oh, this can’t be good. Then the nerdy hacker tries to put all the suspicion for everything onto Detective Bonham but instead the trail turns to Mr. Cornelis, Aiden’s friend and art agent (or something?) who has taken Aiden under his wing, even let her use his last name as an alias, and set up a bank account for her. But the money has been transferred to Cornelis’s personal account, leaving Aiden with a bit of an overdraft issue. Oh shoot! Now he’s a suspect??

At the same time, Paul and Aiden are gettin’ frisky at her apartment over Chinese food. They’re interrupted mid-kiss by Jill, who is on her cell phone, walking downtown. She’s telling Aiden about this weirdo new client (and I’m pretty sure that’s not ethical, Ms. Therapist) who seems to know a lot about Aiden. As she’s talking, we see that the creeper is monitoring all of the city’s street cameras and oh crap he has also hacked into the traffic lights too! He changes the pedestrian signal from stop to walk and just as Jill steps out into the street, BAM! she’s hit by a bus! We hear the creeper say in his creeper voice “Well that worked out nicely.”

Are you getting suspicious of the hacker guy working with the police? Because I am. I think maybe him being in a wheelchair is supposed to distract us into thinking he couldn’t be the creeper because we’re seeing the creeper walk around so DUH it can’t be the guy in the wheelchair!

There’s an emotional scene at the police department where Aiden talks to Mr. Cornelis in an interrogation room. She knows it’s not him but the police don’t seem to be as sure. Then she’s back at home and Paul’s in the living room making calls on Voice Chat, which looks eerily similar to Skype. Creeper is watching and says “Paul, you’re getting in my way!” Aiden goes to bed while Paul is on a headset Skyping Voice Chatting. It’s dark and we see the locks turn. A dark figure walks into the apartment behind Paul and into Aiden’s bedroom. He sloooooooooooowly reaches out to touch her shoulder, set to screeching violins, but doesn’t touch her. Aiden hears the door shut when he leaves and flips out, telling Paul he can’t stay there, that she isn’t ready. But the creeper’s still in the house! She goes back to bed and we see ominous shadows and hear him say “Good night, Aiden.” Seriously y’all, what’s he waiting for?

I guess he needs to off another one of Aiden’s friends. Sorry folks, Paul’s about to get his. He’s been summoned to a parking garage by “Detective Page” via text (seem shady?). All the car alarms start going off, he keeps getting texts, then a motorcyclist pulls up in front of him. He gets one more text (“Goodbye Paul”) before being run off the side of the parking garage, plummeting to the street. But wait! He’s not dead!  And the creeper now has a phone app that unlocks all of Aiden’s doors and turns her lights on and off. For some reason that scene is jammed in the middle of this Paul stuff. Aiden comes to see Paul in the hospital and sees that the texts were from Detective Page. What’s this? Another suspect?? The one she trusts the most in all this?? Can it be?? So who does she turn to? Jack, the wheelchair hacker. Come meet me at my apartment tonight at 8pm, she says. Great idea, Aiden.

So here we are — 8pm, Jack’s in the apartment, showing Aiden photos of her apartment on what he says is Detective Page’s hard drive. Aiden is wearing these horrific high-waisted AND pleated AND tapered-leg pants and I’m wondering if Jack is now re-considering his stalkee because of her wardrobe choices. As he and Aiden talk, Paul wakes up and struggles to get to his cell to call Aiden. He can’t reach her and gets in touch with Det. Page. He comes to the door, realizes Jack is in the apartment with her. He knows something is wrong and Aiden tries to open the door but can’t. Jack stands up out of his wheelchair behind her (Gasp! He’s been healed!) and gets her with his taser. Jack lets Det. Page in, tases him repeatedly while Aiden runs upstairs and locks herself in her room. She uses her laptop to Skype Voice Chat Paul, who has somehow gotten out of the hospital. Now Jack has a gun and is creeping down the hall giving a crazed monologue about how long he has loved Aiden. Paul and Det. Bonham are inside now, Bonham goes up after Jack and is apparently shot. Jack comes back downstairs, shoots Paul, and now Det. Page has woken up and shoots Jack, who VERY slowly and dramatically drops to the floor while music resolves in the background.

The movie ends with a flash to 6 months later. Aiden says goodbye to Mr. Cornelis at his studio and leaves with Paul as *dun dun duuuuun!* a security camera records them walking down the hall. I think this is supposed to be scary, given the subject matter of the movie, but why? Jack’s gone.

I’m not sure if this movie is supposed to teach a lesson or not. In Tall Hot Blonde, another Lifetime movie that deals with online creeps, you feel like they’re trying to teach you to be smart and safe online, but there’s really no moral to this story. Jack was a total creep, no matter how hard she tried to hide. Maybe the lesson is that you shouldn’t rule out the guy in a wheelchair from being the creeper, because that could totally happen.

Did you catch this movie on LMN when it aired? What did you think? If you missed it, it’ll be on again the weekend of October 10th, 2012!

If you don’t want to wait for my next review, which could happen at any time, you MUST check out the Lifetime Movie Reviews blog!

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