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Calories and Breastfeeding…

What I am about to share with you is amazing... If you want to lose weight while breastfeeding, EAT MORE. You cannot cheat the system. Originally I started on an 1800 calorie diet, plus working out three times a week - 300 calories, plus … Continue Reading

Friday Night Feeding Frenzy

Many of our readers have been interacting on our Facebook page, discussing an article about whether or not restaurants should be able to ban young children from dining in their establishments. If we were honest with ourselves, I think we would all … Continue Reading

ABC Kids Expo 2011

We are excited to announce that we will be covering the 9th Annual ABC Kids Expo which is being held in late September in Louisville, KY!  The ABC Kids Expo is the leading trade show in the children's product business and we are thrilled to be able … Continue Reading

Both Sides: Parent Guided Routines

Jamie and Krista agree on many things, but sometimes they have different opinions on parenting. This is the first post in a two-part series on routine vs on demand. Be sure to check out  Krista’s side, "Led By Baby". Before I had my first child, I … Continue Reading

Work-Outs and the Over-Worked Mom

If you hop on the internet and Google postpartum weight loss or workouts, you will be met with a very modernized, western philosophy that encourages postpartum sedentary lifestyle habits. Your search will leave you feeling guilty that you want to be … Continue Reading

Postpartum Poundage Purge!

If you have ever lamented about the desire to lose weight postpartum, I am sure that you have probably heard someone say "it took nine months to get it on, it will take that long to get it off". While I agree with that statement, it drives me crazy … Continue Reading

Keeping House – #21

On this episode, Jamie and Krista catch up on Jamie's family travels, Jamie's baby boredom guilt, Krista's house hunting, and her youngest's destructive behavior. The Baby Whisperer's "Know Your Baby Quiz" The Baby Whisperer's "Know Your … Continue Reading

Review: Body By Vi (Visalus Sciences)

The following review is of samples received from Visalus Sciences, the company behind the popular Body By Vi 90 day challenge. Our samples included 2 pouches of Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix , 1 sample of Vi-Slim® to help burn fat and support lean … Continue Reading

Emergency Preparedness – #20

It's our 20th Episode!!!  Thank you so much for your support in getting us here! The show starts off with a classic Playdate Crashers Podcast moment, Jamie and Krista discussing "Milkies" (from Episode #9: Breast Friends)! We discuss safety plans … Continue Reading

Your Input Requested!

Last night, we recorded our 20th Episode!  Our topic is disaster preparedness and emergency plans and we thought we would add in a few of our favorite clips from our first 19 episodes as well!  That's where you come in!  Use the poll function below … Continue Reading

Baby Stuff – #19

We discuss... Baby Purchase Flops Jamie's car seat mirror post Once a flop, always a flop? Baby carriers (See the widget below for the carriers we talk about!) (Go, Baby, Go! Water Wraps) Awesome baby purchases Diaper bags What to do … Continue Reading

Discipline Discussions – #18

Parenting Chit Chat and talking about discipline! Books we've read and used Time Outs Defining our discipline styles Our discipline struggles Spanking To spread the word about our show, tell your friends about The Playdate Crashers … Continue Reading

Product Review: Lamaze Books

Most people know that reading to their children is important.  What many people don't know is that even when your children are babies, they can benefit a great deal from regular reading with their parents.  Even at very young ages, children can learn … Continue Reading

Ready to Paci-Wean?

Before I had kids, I swore that my child would never have pacifier still when he was able to talk. I briefly considered taking it away after his first birthday because I knew it would only get harder the longer we waited, but my husband took pity on … Continue Reading

Breastfeeding In The News – #17

Parenting Chit Chat - Dairy issues, walking toddlers, developmental fears, sleeping, and weaning from the pacifier Congratulations to the new parents and newly expecting parents in the playdate crashers family! We discuss breastfeeding in the … Continue Reading

Extreme Couponing

I know several of our readers are pro-couponing and couldn't meet their needs without them. Personally I look for coupons and try to use them occasional. I really got into CVS extra care bucks for a while to help me stock up on diapers before my … Continue Reading

Happy Birthday, Jamie!

Today is Jamie's birthday!  Give her some birthday love in the comments below! … Continue Reading

Amazing Baby Development

Most of the time life is so hectic and we are so sleep deprived that we can easily miss out on some of the wonders of child development. I was reflecting today on how awesome the human body is and how babies develop. They go from being totally … Continue Reading

What the?!?: Infant Inflatable Neck Collar Float Ring

We're introducing a new post series about things that make playdate crashers think, "What the?!?"... When I first saw the infant inflatable neck collar float ring I couldn't believe my eyes! This is pretty shocking. We want to hear your opinion … Continue Reading

Love or Hate? : Backpack Harness

Ok, I immediately know how I feel about this one, but I thought it might spark an interesting debate from those who love it. I submit for your consideration the backpack Harness. What do you think? As a dog owner and mother of a toddler you … Continue Reading