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Low-Tech Grandparents in a High-Tech World (Guest Post)

We are honored to have a guest post from Krista's mom today! This morning I walked 3 miles in our neighborhood, with my Sony Walkman playing my favorite radio station in my ears. I started wondering if anyone else on the planet still uses a Sony … Continue Reading

Great Idea from Mom

My mom had a great idea last weekend while we were visiting my parents and I wanted to share it with you all.  My parents are coming to our house to visit during Spring Break and Mom decided to make a little paper chain for the boys with the same … Continue Reading

Home Alone

Guess. What. I have an entire weekend at home with no kids.  What what?! It's kind of a long, complicated story about how this came to be, but I'll try to quickly explain.  My husband and I were visiting my parents in Tennessee this week, … Continue Reading

Things are different now

Things are different now when we visit my husband's family. We've been married for 6.5 years and have been dating or "together" since 2002.  I've spent a lot of time in his hometown, at the house where he grew up, and with his family.  But it's … Continue Reading

Grandma Mornings

There are many things I could say about why grandparents are so important and wonderful.  I could write about how they provide family history for their grandchildren, filling in the gaps for future generations.  I could tell you how grandparents have … Continue Reading