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Belated Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures

When Jamie and I were regularly podcasting, I joked that I should do a segment called "Krista's Ridiculously Outdated Movie Reviews." Many moms can identify with being unable to go to the movie theater to see new releases, and I'm no exception to … Continue Reading

Reviewed: Seduced By Lies

Seduced By Lies, starring Josie Davis (one of my favorite Lifetime crazies!) and Marc Menard Movie description from  A young woman goes back home after selling her internet company. She meets the perfect man and feels that her … Continue Reading

An episode recap 19 years in the making!

Series:  Beverly Hills, 90210 Episode Title:  "Twenty Years Ago Today"  Originally Aired:  10/27/1993 (OH MY GOSH...Almost "20 years ago today". Now how old do you feel??), Season 4 "Brandon meets an attractive grad student; Andrea doubts … Continue Reading

Reviewed: Cyberstalker

I interrupt my regularly-scheduled programming for something a little bit different. You see, I have an inexplicable affection for terrible Lifetime movies and other bad television. In fact, if you follow me on Twitter, my afternoon Tweets (during … Continue Reading