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#SweetSuite12 at BlogHer ’12!

Why do people go to blogging conferences? There are a lot of reasons and they include sessions, meeting friends both old and new, and networking with professionals that fit their blogging niche.  We've spent a little time talking about our time at … Continue Reading

The Weekend I Overdosed on Estrogen

You'll have to excuse me today, I'm coming down from a pretty wicked high.  I spent the weekend living like an estrogen junkie, hopping from one session to another, parties to conversations, and back again.  It was like shooting feminism into my … Continue Reading

BlogHer ’12 – Day Two!

We're having a ridiculous amount of fun here at BlogHer and learning so much!  Are you following us on Twitter?  You should be, because you'll get so much more about our time in NYC by following our Tweets! Where will you find us today … Continue Reading

BlogHer ’12 – Day One

The conference hasn't even officially started yet and we're already exhausted!  But our excitement is helping us power through the tiredness because ohmygosh there's so much fun happening today! Where we'll be today (Friday): 8:00am - 9:00am - … Continue Reading

NYC & BlogHer ’12, Here We Come!

IT'S HERE!  We've been planning for months and the big day has finally arrived!  This morning at 4:30am (That's EARLY, people.), we headed for the train station near Jamie's house and set off for Manhattan! There's so much in store for us this … Continue Reading

Promotin’ In Style

This week, Jamie and I are headed to BlogHer '12, the mecca of blogging conferences, particularly of the female variety. It's kind of a huge deal, not because WE are a big deal necessarily, but because this monumental annual gathering of … Continue Reading

This is ME!

Next week might be one of the craziest weeks of an already crazy summer.  We are driving home from the beach today and tomorrow, have church on Sunday (the first time our whole family has been at church together all month), Monday my husband embarks … Continue Reading

Summer Stuff

Summer, you have zapped me.  I had all these plans for a productive summer and between the heat and our air conditioning going out in our home, I feel pretty lazy and out of it.  I think I'll mostly blame the heat pump compressor. Home … Continue Reading

You Don’t Belong Here

It's funny how when you're a teenager, going through your awkward phase decade, you think "I can't wait to be a little older.  I'll be so much more confident when I'm older/in college/married."  And then you get older/graduated/married and you still … Continue Reading

We’re Going To BlogHer ’12!

I know we mentioned it on our Facebook Page awhile back or maybe you've seen the button on the website sidebar, but it feels more official now. This summer, August 2-4 to be exact, Jamie and I will be heading to NYC for the premiere blogging … Continue Reading