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Christmas Crashers: How To Donate

  1. Send an email to with the subject “I want to crash a Christmas!”  This will help us quickly sort through needs and donations.
  2. In your email, tell us a dollar amount that you would like to donate.  Anything is fine, we will take small and large contributions.  We are sending $50 gift cards and will combine smaller donations to make one gift card when needed.
  3. We will have you send us an eGift card from one of several retailers, depending on what the needs are at that time (families can choose from a small list).  We will tell you which retailer and direct you to the page to purchase the eGift card.  (eGift cards work like this:  You purchase a gift card that is sent via email at no extra charge.  The eGift card can only be used on that retailer’s website and works by applying the eGift card balance to the shopper’s account.)
  4. When we receive the eGift card, we use that balance to purchase a physical gift card that is shipped to the family in need.  (Walmart ships them for free, Target charges a small shipping fee).

While we wish we were able to simply use PayPal, it is not an option.  We considered having donors purchase physical gift cards, but decided to go this route.  Using eGift cards does have several benefits;

  • We can combine small donations into the $5o gift card amount,
  • The families’ names and locations are kept private,
  • Families will receive their gift card faster, and
  • We can easily keep track of the gift cards’ purchases and let families know that their gift is on its way.

We will try our best to contact you when your eGift card becomes a physical gift card and makes its journey to a family on our list, but please know that this is probably going to get pretty crazy for a little while!  We are keeping records on who is donating and our heartfelt thanks go out to each of you for making a special Christmas a reality for so many families.

If you would like free advertising space on our website during the month of January (as a thank you from us!), please mention it sometime in our correspondence.  We would love to showcase your business!

UPDATE:  At this point, Walmart eGift cards are all that we need (thanks to your donations, the Target and Toys R Us needs we had are all fulfilled!) so you don’t even need to write in and ask!  Just send a Walmart eGift card in whatever amount you can give (They start at $5.00) to!