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The Playdate Crashers

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Jamie & Krista are best friends and real moms. They blog and podcast at with a fresh look at parenting, kids, and life in the car pool lane. The Playdate Crashers is a Blog and Podcast that encourages parents to embrace their own parenting style, they love to share parenting stories and helpful products.

BlogHer ’12 – Day Two!

We're having a ridiculous amount of fun here at BlogHer and learning so much!  Are you following us on Twitter?  You should be, because you'll get so much more about our time in NYC by following our Tweets! Where will you find us today … Continue Reading

BlogHer ’12 – Day One

The conference hasn't even officially started yet and we're already exhausted!  But our excitement is helping us power through the tiredness because ohmygosh there's so much fun happening today! Where we'll be today (Friday): 8:00am - 9:00am - … Continue Reading

NYC & BlogHer ’12, Here We Come!

IT'S HERE!  We've been planning for months and the big day has finally arrived!  This morning at 4:30am (That's EARLY, people.), we headed for the train station near Jamie's house and set off for Manhattan! There's so much in store for us this … Continue Reading

“Helpful” Comments – #1

Episode 1 Artwork

Welcome!  You're here because someone sent you, most likely one of us.  We are looking for some feedback on our first podcast recording. A note about the audio quality:  Please bear with us as we start this new adventure!  We realize the audio … Continue Reading