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The Playdate Crashers

If you’ve been looking for a place to connect with other moms who think it’s perfectly okay to give their baby a “wipe down” instead of a nightly bath, look no further!

At The Playdate Crashers Podcast, there will be no judgments for “forgetting” to brush your child’s teeth last night when you were exhausted. We won’t report you for giving your toddler a lunch consisting entirely of cheese products. And we certainly won’t shake our heads with disdain because you have spitup on your sleeve.

We know we aren’t perfect and we have found freedom in embracing our own mediocrity. So mess up your hair, grab some dinner from the drive thru, and don’t worry about impressing us. You’re going to fit right in! Join us as we talk about parenting and the rest of our lives that don’t revolve around sippy cups and diapers on The Playdate Crashers Podcast!

Who are the Playdate Crashers?

Jamie and Krista met in the summer of 2000. Former college roommates and best friends, these stay at home moms have been through it all together – college, weddings, and babies.


Jamie has three sons (Will, age 3, and 1 year old twins Cole and Luke), and lives in Pennsylvania with her husband Alex.


Krista has two sons (Miles, 4, and Spencer, 2), a husband named Brandon, and lives in Kentucky.