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Top Your Plate with a PlateTopper

Fall is here, and although the days are shorter in terms of daylight, it sure doesn’t feel like it! Our lives feel busier than ever, with school, work, and all the extras. But our family (and many others) put eating dinner together as a priority, so anything we can find to help us accomplish that is a lifesaver!

photo 3 (1)The PlateTopper is a fabulous product for the kitchen! It’s a reusable lid for plates, so you don’t have to go through the extra steps of finding a container (and a lid that matches!) or use disposable wrap or foil. Its patented airtight seal fits virtually all plates and keeps food fresh! PlateTopper is dishwasher (top shelf!), microwave (2-3 minutes max) and freezer safe, BPA free, and keeps your fridge and countertop free of splatters and spills!

I received a set of two PlateToppers and one PlateTopper mini for review and immediately tried out the seal by putting some water on a plate, covering it with the PlateTopper mini and tipping it over. It totally works! As you can see below, I also did this with a plate with pizza on it. It’s great to know that if you happen to be clumsy like me (yeah, I’ll admit it), you don’t have to worry that your food will end up on the floor if it gets jostled. That’s not the case with disposable wraps, they aren’t all that reliable, especially foil!

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The creator of PlateTopper was on an episode of one of my favorite shows, “Shark Tank”, last year and was very well received. It has great reviews on websites where it can be purchased, and for good reason — it’s a fabulous product that does what it’s supposed to do!

Using the PlateTopper is a great way to save money (less wasted food, less wraps/foils), time (no extra steps, no searching), and can help you enjoy a home-cooked meal the next day or if you’re running late and miss dinner with your family. I totally recommend this product to families with parents who work outside the home, are frugal, or passionate about finding ways to save time and frustration.

PlateTopper Original & PlateTopper Mini for size comparison

PlateTopper Original & PlateTopper Mini for size comparison

PlateTopper is currently available in four colors:  red, clear, blue, and green. The convenient 10-inch Original size fits any standard dinner plate (even mine, which are squarish and have different textures) and even fits large wood cutting boards. The 7.5 inch PlateTopper Mini fits salad and snack/dessert plates. There is an exclusive “As Seen on TV” offer which includes 2 PlateToppers and 1 PlateTopper Mini for $23.97 and is available for purchase online at

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary PlateTopper set to facilitate my review. I was not paid for my post and I was not required to write a positive review. My opinions are my own.

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