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Get Superhero Sound from iHome/Disney and FAB Starpoint!

Do you love superhero and comic book character movies? I didn’t grow up reading comic books, but I do love a classic superhero. My husband is a big Captain America fan/nerd and Jamie shared on the blog over a year ago that her husband loves Superman.

iHome/Disney and FAB Starpoint have each come out with a line of awesome products that will bring superhero sound and decor to your life! Here’s what’s available:

Which Superhero Are You Infographic

Being a Captain America family, we chose the Captain America Rechargeable Speakers! This speaker packs big sound for a little guy! It hooks right up into your phone, iPad, or other devices using the included cable. It also recharges (cable included) quickly and stays charged longer than you’d expect!

One of the irritating things about other mini-speakers is that they just look silly when they aren’t being used. If you’re listening it, great, but otherwise? Why do you have that random speaker on your desk? These cool speakers don’t have that problem! They’re awesome little desk or home accessories AND a functional, quality speaker!

With all of the superhero movies out in theaters right now and more on the way, the demand and fervor for superheroes isn’t going away! It won’t be long before my boys are begging to watch all of the classic superheroes on TV and movies.

You can pick up these products online at, in Walmart stores, and other retailers, including (see below for affiliate purchasing link)! Affordable pricing ranges from $9.98 to 24.99! These would be an awesome Father’s Day gift for any superhero-loving Dad in your life!

Who’s your favorite superhero? Which one of these items is your favorite?

Disclosure: I received a complimentary product in exchange for my honest and fair review. I received no monetary compensation for this post, but it does contain an affiliate purchase link.

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