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Get Your Sweat On with Sara Haley’s Sweat Unlimited

Whether you work in or out of the home or are primarily employed by your children, moms are busy people. If it’s not board meetings, it’s the never-empty laundry hamper consuming our time. With all the things moms have to do in a day or week’s time, it’s little wonder that we often neglect taking care of ourselves and our bodies.

Many moms, myself included, have a few (or more than a few!) pounds hanging around their bodies that they’d like to get rid of. Maybe they exist in newly discovered rolls around your midsection or your jeans just aren’t fitting the same way after having kids. You know you need to be more active in order to feel like yourself again, but who has the time?

Five minutes. Could you find five minutes?

Sweat Unlimited with Sara Haley Hear me out. Sara Haley’s Sweat Unlimited (Volume 1):  Excuse Proof Your Workout is not a quick and easy workout — it’s intense, it’s high-energy, and not necessarily for beginning exercisers. If you think you can’t begin to tone up your problem areas with a 5-minute workout, you’ve not seen Sara Haley‘s routine! I can almost guarantee you’ll sweat and feel it the next day!

The great thing about the Sweat Unlimited fitness DVD is that it doesn’t stop with the 5-minute Sweat Extreme; the DVD has 105 minutes of fast-moving, challenging workouts, including Sweat Extreme (5 minutes), Sweat Strength (15 min.), Sweat Cardio (30), and Sweat Box 45 (45 minutes). Whether you only have a few minutes before you start your day or are able to commit a longer period of time, Sweat Unlimited can help you reach your goals through dance-inspired moves, interval training, and core strengthening.

Here’s a little bit about Sara Haley, the creator of Sweat Unlimited:

Sara Haley is a certified trainer and instructor through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as well as a member of the American Pregnancy Association (APA). Specializing in prenatal fitness, functional training and dance methodology, Sara has over twenty years of dance and fitness training, and has been a Reebok Global Master Trainer since 2008.

Let me tell you something:  She has an incredible body. Her arms are ridiculous and she has the teeniest thighs ever. She makes all of the moves, even the toughest, look absolutely effortless.

Sweat Unlimited with Sara Haley

Sara’s cues are flawless, she is tough without being harsh, and she makes you feel like you CAN do it! You will sweat, you’ll be challenged in all the right ways, and with Sara’s included workout plans, you can shed those pesky pounds and feel great about yourself!

Sweat Unlimited (Volume 1) is available at for $24.99. Check out her prenatal fitness program, Expecting More, also at ($39.95). Like her Facebook Page, follow her on Twitter (@SaraHaleyFit) and subscribe to her YouTube channel for more from Sara!


I received a copy of Sweat Unlimited (Volume 1) in exchange for an honest and fair review. I was not required to write a positive review and I received no additional monetary compensation for this post.

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