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Jamie’s Blogher ’12 Recap: Part 1

Wow! What an awesome weekend at Blogher ’12. Like Krista said in her post, I too am coming off an Estrogen overdose from being around 5,000 women at one time. I was quite surprised at how often the tears started to flow and would catch me off guard at the strangest times. (I started crying during the Jake and the Neverland Pirates preview at the Disney Jr. breakfast).

I am so tired and my mind is reeling with a ton of information I gathered while at the conference. As soon as I arrived home from Blogher, I had to switch gears to prepare to go on vacation with my family to Williamsburg, Va. We are here now, enjoying a nice laid back pace. I’ve been sleeping, A LOT. I woke up from a nap Tuesday because a baby was crying. I figured I should get up and make sure everyone was doing ok. I came out into the main room to give my father-in-law a pacifier to give to the crying baby. Instead of handing it to him like any normal person would, I put the paci up to his mouth as if he was the one who needed it. I immediately snapped out of my drowsy stupor and was completely embarrassed. Thankfully my husband’s family has a great sense of humor and we all enjoyed a good laugh.

I was surprised on my trip about how much I missed my kids. I think it’s because I realized that part of the reason I blog is for them. It was really neat to be able to come home with a bunch of swag which was mostly toys to share with them. Luke and Cole loved the Mickey and Minnie from the Disney Jr. breakfast and the Tonka Chuck truck set was an instant hit with Will.

Some Brief Thoughts on the Blogher ’12 Conference:

  • President Obama’s Address– I had not originally planned on attending this last minute addition to the conference, but felt I still wanted to be in the room for the conversation, even though I don’t agree with all of his policies. I thought it was great that Obama and his staff saw this address as a great opportunity to get their message out and was disappointed the other side was not able to do likewise. I applaud Blogher for being in the political conversation, I just wish there were more voices from the other side being shared respectfully confident and clear. In the expo hall I did have the opportunity to speak with some representatives from Bankrupting America. While I do not want to see the budget cut in areas like welfare or food stamps, I do feel there are some other areas that have been over looked in our government spending that need to be addressed. For example, there are still members of Congress who are using massive amounts of print materials for presentations when they could be using digital media solutions with out the cost of printing.
  • The Venue: The Hilton on 6th Avenue is a great hotel, however I felt that it was too small for an event of this size. It was said that there were over 5,000 people attending the conference this year. The sessions filled very quickly and both Krista and I were extremely disappointed that we could not get into sessions that we were really looking forward too. The expo halls were way too small and crowded which made it really hard to stop and talk with the vendors. The halls were also spread out into three different areas which became really confusing.
  • The Sponsors: I really enjoyed going to the Hot Wheels suite up on the 42nd floor to play with their new toys. My particular favorite is a new iPad app they have created with special cars that can be used to drive on the screen of the ipad. So cool! Wholly Guacamole was there too. Yum! I have made my own guacamole for years, and would never consider buying pre-made guacamole until now. Greek yogurt was a recurring theme at the conference with Yoplait, Oikos, Muller, and Rickland Orchard all offering yummy greek yogurt treats.
  • The Blogher Parties: I thought these were really fun, but the venue presented some challenges for giving enough space to socialize. The main events were generally pretty loud and dark, which made it very easy to get lost in the mix. My favorite party was the Come as You Are Party. It was a lot more like a regular mixer, with soft lighting that made it easy to see and communicate with new acquaintances, not to mention the awesome cotton candy!
  • The Roommates: Krista and I were very lucky to get to room with some really awesome bloggers, Nicci at Changing the Universe and Vicki from Crowing Victoria. I was a little nervous at first about rooming with people we had never met, but we immediately clicked.

There are a couple other things that I want to share from Blogher ’12, but I am going to save it for another post! Here are a couple pictures from our trip in case you missed them on facebook and twitter.

Ready to Board the Train for NYC

breakfast with Minnie!

With our Roomates @ Hasbro

Next year’s conference is going to be in Chicago. Who’s coming with us?

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