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This is ME!

Next week might be one of the craziest weeks of an already crazy summer.  We are driving home from the beach today and tomorrow, have church on Sunday (the first time our whole family has been at church together all month), Monday my husband embarks on a new adventure that I’ll explain about later (sorry to be cryptic), and Wednesday I’ll drive from Kentucky up to Jamie‘s house in Pennsylvania to spend the night before we leave EARLY Thursday morning for the BlogHer ’12 conference in NYC.  I don’t think I’m at all prepared for the awesomeness that awaits me at BlogHer, but one of the things I’m doing to get ready is spending a lot of time talking via Twitter, Facebook, forums, and email to other bloggers who will be attending the conference.

Today, all across the Internetz, bloggers will be linking up posts about themselves to get to know one another a bit before we meet in NYC.  Even if you’re a regular reader of the blog and won’t be attending BlogHer, this post is still for you!

Some Things About Me:

  1. I cannot dance but that’s not going to stop me from getting on the dance floor.  You’ve been warned.
  2. I hate balloons.  My anxiety level goes THROUGH THE ROOF if there are small kids and inflated balloons in a room together.  So please, if you see me, DON’T bring a balloon up to me and start rubbing and squeaking it.  I might punch you.  (Probably not…but maybe.)
  3. You’ll probably find me around the electrical outlets or close to a power strip (which I do plan on bringing).  The battery on my phone is incredibly bad, so I’ll be searchin’ for juice.
  4. I’ve lived in five states:  Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  You might expect me to have a southern accent, but I’ve really tried hard to not adopt one.  But you might hear me say y’all.
  5. I function better in the mornings after a little coffee.
  6. I’m kinda shy, pretty awkward, and definitely over-think social situations.  Think of me as the Social Anxiety Cat mixed with a bit of Socially Awkward Penguin.

Here’s some of my faces you might see at BlogHer.  I put on makeup this morning but we’re on vacation and were on a boat this morning so it’s more of a “beachy, sunkissed, kinda sweaty” face.  And yes, I got a haircut, and yeah, in these pictures it’s kinda flat and boy-like.  I promise I’ll pouf it up a bit more next week.

And sometimes the hair falls into my face and it looks like this:

If it’s really windy in NYC next week, you might see me looking like this:

This is my “I have no idea what I’m doing or where I am, so I’m going to make it super-obvious that I’m lost” face.

This is my “Oh my gosh, how late were we out last night??” face:

And my “I’m going to need another cup of coffee” face, AKA “I swear you aren’t boring.  It’s me, not you.”

This is my “I’m laughing really hard but I’m self-conscious about how I look and sound while I’m laughing” face:

And my “Is that the line for the bathrooms???…or for free pens???” face:

And this is the face when I’m saying “Ahhhhhhhh!” as in “Oh my gosh, I love you!  I read your blog and here you are!!”

Next week or whenever we see each other, PLEASE come up and talk to me!  This is my first BlogHer, first blogging conference, and I can’t wait!

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About Krista

Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently aged 6 and 7. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.


  1. HA! I love your windy face. And if it storms we might all get to see it. (Assuming we go outside ever.)

  2. If you get to meet Keight of Put up your dukes I will die! Take a pic and get her autograph for me.

  3. LOVE IT! Can’t wait to see your bed head face, too! I mean that in a totally non-sexual way. Oh man, social anxiety cat happening RIGHT NOW…..

  4. Your faces are great! And that yawn face? I’m totally making that one right now. And I’ll probably make it frequently next week, too!

  5. I could totally have written that list. Except #5 because I’ve only ever lived in California.

  6. you are NOT alone with the balloon thing, I have a friend who hates them as well. Promise I will not be packing any balloons. Hope to see you in NYC!

  7. Can you believe BlogHer is THIS WEEK?! AGGGHHHH! I can’t wait to see/meet all of you!