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The force is strong in this one

He just can't help himself

I am not sure if there is a genetic predisposition for this or not, but I am starting to notice a family trend with biting. Times it by two and we’ve got an all out war with gnashing of teeth.

Lately one of our babies, Luke, has started to bite his twin brother Cole whenever he wants something that Cole has. I have seen Cole bite back once, but usually the end result is crying from both parties and bright pink bite marks. As I am writing this, I just caught Luke and Cole together what appeared to be an open mouth kiss, but was actually them trying to bite each other.

This has been an interesting phase to try to work through. Will had a similar phase around the same age, but there wasn’t anyone else to bite except me. I am pretty sure that it runs in our family. When I was a kid I noticed that my dad had a tendency to clench his teeth when he was angry. When I was a toddler I started biting my older sister on a daily basis. And I still have this urge to bite things when I feel out of control. I can feel bite marks on the insides of my lips that must have been worn in over time. 

This urge, this force to bite is strong in Luke. Cole doesn’t really do it unless it is in retaliation, but Luke does all the time. He even gets a look on his face when he’s about to snap. I wish I could remember how we helped Will move out of this phase. The fact that I can’t remember probably means that we didn’t do anything, and he eventually just outgrew the behavior. Once they can communicate with words or signs, the need to express themselves physically goes down. One day they will stop. Right now my mission is to prevent it from happening. Wish me luck!

What phases have been really challenging with your kids? For moms of multiples, what toddler behaviors are more difficult to deal with because there are two or more?


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  1. Jessica McKnight says:

    The boys never really got into biting too much (thankfully). One of the things that bothered me the most was them throwing food on the floor all the time. Probably made worse by the fact that we don’t have a dog for cleanup duty 🙂 Interesting thoughts on the biting though – I bite myself when I’m stressed (hand, forearm, just enough to leave marks for a few minutes :). I’ll have to ask my mom if I was a biter when I was little!

  2. You’ve got the boys names wrong in the above article. Since you are CLEARLY talking about my twins. This is our story – unequivocally.

  3. Oh no! Let’s hope it is something they will out grow!

  4. My boys are into throwing food too, which is only a problem when we aren’t home with the dogs. Restaurants love us!

  5. My twin boys have gone through the biting phase. They have left bite marks on each other that have lasted for days! Luckily with biting it is easy to tell who did it so he would have to sit in time out. I’ve had people suggest biting back but I don’t think that is a good idea, especially since your one son is already doing that! When they were too young for time out I think I just did a firm, “No bite!”

  6. KristaD says:

    I feel very grateful that our boys haven’t been biters! 
    It’s interesting that some kids bite and others never try it!