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Archives for May 2012

Camped Out

Over the weekend, I went tent camping with my boys (ages 3.5 and 2), my mom, my sister, and 12 year old nephew.  My husband wasn't able to go on this trip but I'm so glad my mom and sister were there! I think it would have been impossible for me to … Continue Reading

Book Review & Giveaway!

Our friend Bonnie, who blogs at The Mommyhood Trenches, is sharing her book review and hosting a giveaway of the book here with The Playdate Crashers! Enjoy and good luck! A few months ago, MOPS posted on their Facebook page an opportunity to join … Continue Reading

The Family Dog

Alex and I had been married for a couple of years. We enjoyed our alone together as newly weds, but when Alex's work schedule kept him away the house seemed empty. And then it struck... puppy fever. The first time I saw her red hair, I knew she … Continue Reading

DIY Mess Kit Bags

Camping is fun, but it has the potential to produce a lot of trash.  Any time you're in a new location, you almost have to start over, creating a living space for everyone in your party.  That can get messy.  Seeing as how camping is supposed to get … Continue Reading

Summer Fun Awaits!

The unofficial beginning of summer is near! If it hasn't begun already in your home, it's coming soon!  If you are a teacher, you probably have a public (or secret!) calendar of Days Left hanging somewhere and you are anxiously ticking off the … Continue Reading

Water Water Everywhere

You know how sometimes you get something for your kids and you're really excited about it but you aren't sure how they'll react?  Maybe you think they won't like it but then they are thrilled?  Or sometimes you think it'll be the greatest toy ever … Continue Reading

“I don’t wanna play.”

Parenting has been full of surprises.  From "Wow, I've never seen that color of poop before!" to "How are you awake right now?  It's 4:00am!", I'm constantly amazed by new things about my kids.  Some of them are really sweet surprises, such as the … Continue Reading

No More Cable TV: Our Internet TV Setup

Less than six months ago, my husband and I found ourselves in an all too common scenario. We signed up for DirectTV at a great promotional price, knowing that it would the costs would double the next year. We moved in January and decided that we were … Continue Reading

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Last week, my husband and I took our 3.5 year old, Miles, to his first ever minor league baseball game, to see the Lexington Legends in nearby Lexington, KY.  It was a proud day for my husband, one of his first experiences sharing a sporting event … Continue Reading

Sensory Play

Sensory play.  It sounds more intimidating than it is, I promise. While it might make you think you will have to create some impressive playscape that does all kinds of special things, I assure you that anyone can do this.  You probably already … Continue Reading

Mother’s Day 2012

Let's talk about Mother's Day, shall we? Sometimes these special days carry a lot of pressure, don't you think?  There's pressure on our families to create some special day, or thoughtful gift.  There's pressure on children, young and grown, to … Continue Reading

Kinderwagon Hop: Double Stroller Review

This Kinderwagon Hop double stroller review was written out of my own admiration for the product which I purchased myself.  Let's face it, there are not a whole lot of options when it comes to strollers for two or more. Since my twins were born we … Continue Reading


I'm participating in May's NaBloPoMo fun over at BlogHer and working on writing every day!  The month has a theme and each weekday has a writing prompt.  Click the image below to get started! No one likes to lose.  Sure, losing can build character … Continue Reading

Un-Sporty Spice (That’s a Spice Girls reference)

I'm joining in on the NaBloPoMo fun over at BlogHer and becoming inspired to write every day!  Want to join?  Click the badge below to get started! I am not a sporty person. If you know me at all, this statement isn't a surprise to you.  My … Continue Reading

A Backyard Campout

One of the things I miss about our pre-kid days is camping.  And yes, I know it's possible to camp with young kids, but almost everything is possible.  But I don't think it's a stretch to say it's a little more complicated to camp with young … Continue Reading


I'm struggling to accept it, but I need to, for my own good.  We had a good run, it was great for the time being, but it's over. No, this isn't about Spencer nursing (still going!).  No, the boys aren't finally sleeping all night in their own … Continue Reading

The force is strong in this one

I am not sure if there is a genetic predisposition for this or not, but I am starting to notice a family trend with biting. Times it by two and we've got an all out war with gnashing of teeth. Lately one of our babies, Luke, has started to bite … Continue Reading