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Thank you for the laughs, Mr. Universe

I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that things were not straight up crazy around here most of the time. Parenting is a tough business, and sometimes the best cure for all that stress is laughter! That is why I was so excited to discover comedian Jim Gaffigan’s newest release, Mr. Universe available for a $5 download on his website here. (You can pay via paypal or amazon)

Krista and Brandon first shared with us the awesomeness of comedy genius Jim Gaffigan, when we watched Beyond the Pale during a visit to their first home. I do not think I have laughed harder in my life. His newest release did not disappoint and even better, it hit my funny bone for all of the issues I have been dealing with lately.

Father of four in a two bedroom, Jim has captured the humor of his own parenting journey right from the start. Early on he says that people often ask him what it is like to have four kids. He says, “Imagine you are drowning, and someone hands you a baby!”. He also explores other family favorites like the role of fitness, McDonalds, and Subway in the lives of Americans. And all joking aside, I felt like he hit some really good truths with his hilarious illustrations. He certainly tells it like it is.

If you need a good laugh, please consider downloading Mr.Universe, I promise you wont regret that you did. Be advised, it is probably a little more PG-13 (because of his sparingly use very common *bad words*, and there are a couple adult themes that run through at points), so it may be something you want to watch after your kids’ bed time. After watching the show, I went to bed laughing and feeling refreshed.

Skip the wine, watch the show!

We watched it through our internet tv set up, which we use exclusively since we cut the cord from cable. (Update coming soon!)

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