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Double Trouble: Twin Toddlerhood

We are at the edge of our twin boys entering into toddlerhood. Last night they were both experimenting with small toddles between their dad and me. The ability to walk has been the one thing that kept them as babies in my mind. Yesterday I was feeling nostalgic and decided to click through some of our albums and I am amazed at how quickly the time has gone and how young Will really was when they were born.

Things have been a little easier with the twins lately:

  • They feed themselves at dinner and drink milk out of sippy cups.
  • I am still nursing, but only at night and in the morning but they seem to be losing interest, so I know that soon we will be stopping.
  • They can also climb up the stairs (with me spotting them for safety) which really saves my back from having to carry them up the stairs for naps and bedtime.
  • They are taking two naps still
  • They are really close to walking and talking!

The challenges that we are facing:

  • They have been biting each other when they get frustrated. One will take a toy from the other, and when they go to take it back they bite and sometimes get bitten back. I know they will grow out of it eventually but it is not a pleasant stage.
  • Getting out of the house by myself is still a major pain. It is possible, but I usually am in a full sweat by the time everyone is loaded and buckled in the van. Once they are walking really well, I think it will be a little easier because then I wont have to carry them, but just hold their hands.
  • They have been waking up earlier and earlier. I miss the days of waking up at 8a.m.. but I don’t think it is realistic anymore for us. So I need to quit being a baby and go to bed earlier so I am ready to go at six. (It is really hard to motivate yourself to wake up that early if you are going to be staying home all day).

I love this age. Luke and Cole are so curious and delightful. It is also fun to see their brother start to interact with them more than just pushing them over. Yesterday he told me that Luke and Cole were his friends. Those are words a mother wants to hear! We’ve got lots of adventures to look forward to in the future: paci weaning, moving out of the cribs, and potty training. But for now I will enjoy watching them toddle and get used to walking and praying their hair will come in more!

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  1. Ruth Robinson says:

    How exciting to hear about all the changes!:) Wish I could help you with the boys. And how funny that Will told you Luke and Cole are his friends! (LOL) I wish there was a medal for moms, you know?