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Archives for April 2012

You Don’t Belong Here

It's funny how when you're a teenager, going through your awkward phase decade, you think "I can't wait to be a little older.  I'll be so much more confident when I'm older/in college/married."  And then you get older/graduated/married and you still … Continue Reading

Closet Sanity Saver

I think I need to do some kind of "stupid simple" series or just category or posts with crazily simple and free or cheap tips that have helped me keep my sanity.  I've shared a few of them before, including using an additional clear shower curtain … Continue Reading


This post has nothing to do with parenting. No, wait!  If I say something like "Parenting is rough.  We all need to escape from the diapers and snotty noses sometimes." then it becomes a parenting post, right?? Aha!  See how clever I am? So … Continue Reading

Double Trouble: Twin Toddlerhood

We are at the edge of our twin boys entering into toddlerhood. Last night they were both experimenting with small toddles between their dad and me. The ability to walk has been the one thing that kept them as babies in my mind. Yesterday I was … Continue Reading

Magic Mesh Review

"CLOSE THE DOOR PLEASE!...MILES, PLEASE CLOSE THE DOOR!...GUYS!  THE DOOR!" or... *click click click*...*click click click* Which one sounds better to you??  Yeah, that's what I thought.  Who wouldn't prefer the quiet, almost undetectable … Continue Reading

Earth Day

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the "green"est person on the planet.  Yes, we use cloth diapers, we use washcloths rather than paper towels (most of the time), recycle, and generally try to use less than we need.  But it's not like we're … Continue Reading

Fear Factor

Let's talk about toddler and preschooler fears for a moment. Miles, my 3.5 year old has had some pretty interesting fears in his short existence.  One of them was a small wooden statue that my husband brought home from a mission trip to Haiti … Continue Reading

School Decision

We made a decision about Miles's schooling.  After months of going back and forth over all the options in my head and on the blog, I suddenly just knew.  I knew that enrolling him in our local private Christian school would be the best decision for … Continue Reading

Thank you for the laughs, Mr. Universe

I would be lying if I didn't tell you that things were not straight up crazy around here most of the time. Parenting is a tough business, and sometimes the best cure for all that stress is laughter! That is why I was so excited to discover comedian … Continue Reading

Mix It Up

I finally did it.  I let my kids mix the Play Doh colors. It was tough, giving up my control of the dough, but I feel like it made me a better mom, for at least a few minutes. I know that tight-chested feeling when your kids get out the glue and … Continue Reading

We’re Going To BlogHer ’12!

I know we mentioned it on our Facebook Page awhile back or maybe you've seen the button on the website sidebar, but it feels more official now. This summer, August 2-4 to be exact, Jamie and I will be heading to NYC for the premiere blogging … Continue Reading

Tub Toy Tip

Those darn little rubber duckies.  They're a deceptive bunch.  They look so cute and fun for your kids, but don't be fooled -- them suckers are NASTY.  Don't believe me?  Check out this Today Show video about the yuckiness lurking in your … Continue Reading

“My Kids Will NEVER Do That!”

A few days ago, my friend Lori posted a photo on Facebook of her daughter happily posing with one of those Ronald McDonald bench statues.  Her caption was about how she, before having kids, said her kids would NEVER eat that McDonald's junk.  And … Continue Reading

My Happy Accident: Chocolate Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt Dip

Every now and then, it seems I have a happy accident in the kitchen. Today's happy accident needed to be shared immediately because it was so good! We've been rocking Greek yogurt in our house for a while now. I love it because it has a bazillion … Continue Reading

Nursin’ and Sleepin’

For anyone who is curious, I'm still nursing Spencer and Miles is still sleeping in his closet bed. Thanks to your wonderful advice, I am taking the "don't ask, don't refuse" route with Spencer nursing. He continues to ask every night. I'm … Continue Reading