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Spring has almost sprung!

This Spring weather is awesome.  Right now I’m sitting at my kitchen table with the windows open (well, one of them is open, the other is broken due to hail damage from a few weeks ago) watching my boys play in the backyard.  We recently got a new wooden swingset from the boys’ grandparents (Merry Christmas!) and one of their friends is over to play.

I love it.

Sure, I am having to closely watch them playing on the swingset’s glider (they tend to go really high and it makes my heart stop).  Yes, the nearly constant in-and-out makes my eyes twitch.  And if I have to explain one more time that the outside shoes stay outside, my head might explode.  But after many weeks of being cooped up inside, I’m so excited that they can get out and enjoy the great outdoors — well, subdivision outdoors, it’s not like we live in a forest or anything.

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been working on a Spring Pinterest board to gather up all kinds of great ideas for my second-favorite season (Autumn is #1!).  It’s looking a little sparse, though, so I’d love for you to share your favorite Spring ideas — things to do, things to make, things to eat…Let’s hear it!

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