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Re:Crashed – Spencer’s Birth Story

I love to revisit my boys’ birth stories on their birthdays, so I’m sharing Spencer’s birth story today on his second birthday!  Enjoy!

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On Friday night on Feb. 26 2010, I started having regular contractions about 7 minutes apart  before bed. I knew they could just as likely fade to nothing, but  my husband Brandon and I got a few things ready for action anyway. Though I was able to sleep  for a few hours, the contractions continued. I woke up at 1:30am and  knew they were getting stronger and closer, but stayed in bed until  2:30am. At that point, I timed some contractions and saw that they were  2-3 minutes apart! I started to panic, since we live about 45 minutes  from the hospital, so we quickly got things loaded up, dropped our son  off with friends, and got on the road as I listened to my Hypnobabies birthing tracks on my iPod.  It was a bumpy ride — I remember feeling every little bump we hit in the car!

We arrived at the hospital around 4:15-4:30am. When they checked me  (sidebar:  one of my nurses was someone who went to college with me, halfway across the state!  Small  world!), I was dilated to 7cm! I was surprised and so relieved – the  entire time, I was worried that they would tell me I wasn’t in labor and  it was just gas! He was still at a -3 station, so lots of “moving down”  work to do!

After some monitoring, I was able to get unhooked, change into  more comfortable attire – a nursing bra and sarong – and walk around the  room. I tried sitting on the birthing ball, but it didn’t feel right to me. I  mostly just walked around the room until a wave hit and I would grab  onto something sturdy, close my eyes and lower my head, and Brandon  would put counter-pressure on my lower back – worked wonders! I couldn’t  believe how quickly I was able to “come back” after a wave was over.  I listened to soft music, an album of worship songs that sound like lullabies.  (Spencer listens to this all night while he sleeps now.)

My parents arrived around 9:30am and things were starting to pick up, so  I asked to be checked again. At this point, Mom didn’t know I was  planning to do give birth without any meds.  I was still 7-8cm, but he was still a little high up. After  this, I tried getting on my knees on the bed, with the head of the bed  raised, leaning against it. It was in this position that my water soon  broke.

I cannot believe how quickly things happened after that.  It was immediately after  my water broke that my contractions got very intense – one after another,  hardly letting up. I was doubled over at the edge of the bed with a  trash can beside me because I felt like I was going to vomit. I remember thinking to myself “Don’t panic, this is just Transition.  This means he’s almost here.”  I don’t think it was 20 minutes later that as my  nurse left (from cleaning up the mess from my water breaking), she said “Call me as soon as you feel the urge to push – I mean it, as soon as you feel it!”

About five minutes later, I felt it. Strong.

I remember saying “I don’t know if that’s what it is, I just know it’s  different!” I think they could tell I was indeed ready. Very quickly,  the room started the Delivery Transformation – lots of people, lots of  stuff being moved around. My midwife came in (so glad she was on call  this weekend!) and got us started in the pushing phase. No stirrups, but  I was on my back. I tried it on my side but was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t handle it.

I don’t know how long the preliminary pushing took before he was  crowning. My mom said from start to finish, the pushing was 30 minutes. I  swear it was 3 hours! It’s amazing how different they are – epidural  pushing and natural pushing! It seemed to take forever, but it felt so  good to push. My midwife kept reassuring me that he would be out soon and I begged her to promise me that it would be soon!  My mom (who had never been in a delivery with anyone  before and had a C-section herself) was to my left, crying quietly – she  couldn’t handle seeing me in pain. Brandon was on my right, getting his  hand nearly squashed by my grip. He was amazing though.  Totally in tune with me, especially at the end.

Eventually Spencer was ready and very quickly he was out!! The team was  great – put him right on my chest and let him stay there for a long  time!  I recall my first words to him as “Hi buddy!  I’m so glad you’re out!”

Little Spencer Ray, 8 lbs. 3 oz., came into the world and our hearts in a big way that day at 11:11am.  He was born on my late mother in law’s birthday, what would have been her 50th.  His birthday has a way of keeping Val in our hearts and minds.  He is one truly special boy, always making us smile and laugh with his incredible personality.  He has brought so much joy to our family in his two years and I feel very blessed to be his mother.

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  1. I remember crying when i read this the first time you posted it. It is what inspired to have my own hypnobaby (which was amazing!) Thanks for posting!