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Wish List: The Ladybug Game & Party Gras by Zobmondo!

My husband and I both come from families that love playing board games.  My mom is not happy unless at least one game has been played at every family gathering.  Brandon’s mom had a huge metal cabinet filled with board games.  So when I say that my children love playing games, you can be sure they come by it honest.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a game that everyone can enjoy, especially with young children.  Even harder is to find a game that all adults will enjoy playing.  And more difficult still is to find games that won’t have you pulling out your hair because of the difficulty of the instructions.

Not so with The Ladybug Game and Party Gras by Zobmondo!  Your kids are going to love The Ladybug Game, older kids and adults will love Party Gras, and you’ll look like a hero for bringing more fun to everyone’s life!

The Ladybug Game

I received The Ladybug Game and Miles immediately wanted to play it.  Even though I had lots to do, we were able to open the box and get started right away.  The setup and instructions are very minimal, so your kids won’t lose interest before you even get started (…not that I’ve had that happen before or anything…).  There’s a cute little story about the ladybug characters and their plight that you can read before you start playing.  Even my 3 year old and 21 month old listened intently as I had them listen and act out the story with me.  I wonder if Zobmondo has ever thought of releasing a board book of the ladybugs’ story with the game.  I would pay a few dollars extra to have that included, because it’s a cute story!

The game is intended for ages 3 and up and the box states that no reading is required for play.  While that is true, one reader in the group is needed, so I wouldn’t put a handful of 3 year olds in a room to play alone.  The rules of the game are simple:  get your ladybugs from Start to Home by drawing cards from a pile and following the instructions.  There are some obstacles that the ladybugs will encounter on their way and you follow the instructions on the board and cards to know what to do.

Here’s a short video of Miles and I playing the game so you can get the idea:

I promise I didn’t rig the game so I would win!  Actually, the first two times we played it, my 21 month old won!  He had no idea that he was even playing and he won! 🙂

You can find The Ladybug Game in all major stores right now and retails for $11.95, but I’ve seen it as low as $8.00, at Target.  Your kids will learn about counting, rule-following, and problem-solving as they help their ladybugs get back home!

Party Gras

If you’re having a party or gathering with about a dozen teens or adults, you NEED this game.  It’s easy to explain, it only takes a short time to play(though you can play for a longer time, depending on what you’d like), and it’s so unlike traditional board or party games.

The object of the game is to collect as many party bead necklaces as you can in the allotted time.  But you aren’t just going up and snatching them from other partygoers.  You follow the instructions on your game card, which can be anything from “Catch someone text messaging” to “Find someone with a button missing.”  There are three categories of things to look for:  Caught In The Act (where you catch someone doing a particular action), Talk It Out (where you have to talk to people in order to find out about what’s on your card), and Fashion Police (where you’re going to have to look at peoples’ clothes).  Once you complete your mission, you get to take a strand of their beads, get another card, and continue playing.

The party host has some special duties as the Grand Marshall, such as determining the start and end times, resolving disputes (Did he really catch her interrupting someone else?  You listen to each side and make a ruling!), and announcing the winner!

I have two events coming up, one with all teenagers and one with all adults, and we plan to play it at both.  I’ll report back here and tell you how it went with each of them.  I can’t wait, I think they’ll all love it!

Party Gras retails for $29.95 and is available at Barnes & Noble and Go! The Game Store!  Pick up your own before your next party!

Disclosure Statement:  Zobmondo sent me these games free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  I was not asked or required to write a positive review and these thoughts are my very own.  If you’d like The Playdate Crashers to review your product, let’s talk!

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