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Where did YOU sleep last night?

Oh friends.  This post is a long time coming.  I need to share this with you.

I have some serious sleep malfunctions going on in my family right now.  No one is sleeping in their own bed all night.  No one.  And they haven’t been for over a month.

Exhibit A:

This is where I slept last night.  That would be my boys’ room, the room that my 3.5 year old and almost 2 year old share.  Well, the room they’re supposed to share.  That toddler bed there?  Hasn’t been used in months.  Last night, I slept on their floor, on a little bed made of couch cushions, next to the 2 year old on his crib mattress.  Well, he was only on about 2 inches of his crib mattress…mostly he was squished in next to me.  Couch cushions make a fairly narrow bed, so I spent half the night doing that “jerking out of a sound sleep” thing when I felt like I was falling off the cushions.

Exhibit B:

This is where my husband slept last night.  Now before you get all up in arms (“I can’t believe your rotten husband made you sleep on the floor while he slept in your awesome bed!!!”), he has had his share of nights on the couch with the boys.  I think he has even slept on the floor once.  But anyway, he was joined at some unknown hour by Miles, who is a very sneaky boy and climbs in bed in such a way that you don’t notice he’s there until much later.

Exhibit C:

This is where Miles started out last night.  Well, truth be told, he fell asleep on the living room couch and we moved him to what we affectionately call the “doggie bed” in the corner of our bedroom.  It’s actually quite plush, since it’s our comforter, folded up 4 times.

I don’t know how it came to this.  I can’t even remember the last time everyone was sleeping in their beds all night.  Part of it is that the boys are waking each other up at night and part of it is that we have let Miles sleep in our bed when he comes in our room in the wee morning hours.  And then at some point, he stopped falling asleep in his bed…not sure when that happened.

It needs to stop.  It needs to be fixed.  But at this point, less than a week from Christmas and a trip to TN at my parents’ house and even more crazy sleep situations, what’s the point?

Ummmm, please tell me that I’m not alone OR that it gets better.  My mom keeps saying “Oh well, it’s just a phase,” but how long can we go with that explanation??  Does she just mean that after this phase, we’ll move on to even weirder sleeping arrangements?  Please tell me that’s not it…

What’s the weirdest sleep situation you’ve had with your kids?  How did you break from it? 


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