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Christmas lights through the eyes of a child

It has been so much fun to hear the boys’ reaction to Christmas lights this year.  In previous years, neither of them seemed to care a bit about the lights, and we really didn’t go out of our way to show them the lights around town.  Even when we took them to a special Christmas lights display where my parents live, the Bristol Motor Speedway’s Speedway In Lights, they didn’t seem all that impressed.

This year is different, much different.  Miles is 3.5, Spencer will be 2 in February, and they are LOVING the lights.  We have taken them around to look at lights around town a few times, once as an advent activity, and every time they have had great reactions.  Last night, while up in Northeast Ohio visiting my husband’s family, we took a drive to look at some lights.  From the backseat, this is what we heard…

[button link=”″ type=”icon” icon=”heart”] Click to hear Spencer’s reaction to the Christmas lights[/button]

He said this (“Oooooooooh, nice!”) over and over the entire time we were driving around.  I thought it was so cute I had to record him saying it and share it with you.

What do your kids think of outdoor Christmas lights this year?  Do you make it a point to take them to see lights or is a waste of time/money for you to go to special light events?

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