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Wish List: Highlights for Children High Five Magazine

Highlights Combo Magazine
A magazine for preschoolers?  Why not?!

When my mom first suggested getting my son Miles (then 2.5) a subscription to Highlights High Five Magazine last year, I wasn’t sure what to think.  It sounded like fun, but I wasn’t convinced he would love it as much as I remember loving Highlights when I was a kid.  After checking out the website, I decided we would go for it, as a Christmas present from my mom and dad.  His first issue arrived before Christmas, and I stashed it away, to be wrapped up and placed under the Christmas tree for our celebration with my parents.

Highlights Magazines Combo Offer
He loves reading the stories with me and he is really good at the Hidden Pictures features in each issue.  We have done some of the themed activities (games, recipes, and crafts).  One of my favorite things about Highlights for Children’s High Five magazine is that it’s not something your kid will look at once and be done with — there are many activities that they can play with multiple times, including tear-out games in the very back of the magazine.

Here’s what I did with some of these games:

I removed them from the magazine, cut out all the necessary pieces, and then I labeled them and attached the directions to the inside of a Ziploc bag for storage.  These are great for a quick game on days when your kids need something to entertain them and stored this way, they can be tossed into a “Busy Bag” for occasions with a high probability for boredom.

High Five game
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High Five Free Booklet
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