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Review & Giveaway: Milk Trays

Stacy brings us a guest product review of Milk Trays and you can win one for yourself!  Read on!

I’m not the biggest “green” person. I do a lot of “green” things, but they are generally done in an effort to save money. Cloth diapers, for example. I know I should care that the landfills are filling up, but I don’t. I’m more concerned about the rising cost of disposable diapers and my limited budget. As a breastfeeding mother of an infant, I’m thrilled to not be spending money on formula. Spending money on breast milk storage bags is not so exciting, though, and I’m just a stay at home mom. I pump to have a stash in my freezer so that I can go out with a friend or so that someone can give the baby a bottle while I’m busy at church, not to feed my baby while I’m away at work. My stash is growing steadily and I just ran out of my last storage bag that was left over from my first baby. Luckily, the Playdate Crashers sent me an awesome product that is a great freezing and storage solution.

Milk Trays from Sensible Lines were designed to help breastfeeding mothers freeze and store their milk without wasting milk or expensive storage bags. It’s easy to waste breast milk when you’re storing it in increments of two ounces or more. And it’s hard to not put at least that much in a storage bag without feeling like you’re wasting a whole lot of plastic. Been there, done that.

With Milk Trays, you pour the milk directly into their freezer trays to make one ounce milk sticks. The fill line is a little difficult to see at first, but it keeps the sticks to exactly one ounce, and it allows room for expansion when the milk freezes. Once the milk is frozen, it can be stored in a traditional kitchen freezer bag. Using this method, you can store up to two weeks’ worth of pumped milk at a time in one bag. Then, when the milk is needed, you can pull out as many ounces as you need, not just as many as you happened to store in your milk bag. Little to no waste! The sticks are small enough to fit down into any size bottle opening, so you don’t need to dirty extra bags or dishes to let them thaw.

I’ll admit, I didn’t read the “fill to line” instruction the first time I used the tray. My first batch expanded too much and made it a bit difficult to get them out. The second batch, when I followed the directions, worked great. They pop out very easily, like an ice cube. Because they’re only frozen in one ounce sticks, they don’t take as long to thaw as a chunk of oddly shaped frozen milk in a bag. It’s a lot easier to store these bigger freezer bags of milk in a freezer than the traditional individual bags. This makes it easier to keep them organized so that the oldest ones can be used first to prevent waste. The trays are slim and fit in my freezer, right next to my ice cube trays. The solid lids keep the milk from getting freezer burn or picking up smells from your freezer. They also allow for you to stack the trays.

If you’re a breastfeeding mom who plans to store milk, these are a fabulous tool that will save you time, space and money. If you’re a breastfeeding mom who works outside the home, these are a must- have item. I suppose I should mention that they’re BP-A, Phthalate and dye free. They are also made of 100% recyclable plastic. I was a little skeptical of using what is basically an ice cube tray, but knowing that it’s an exact measurement and that they are free of chemicals and dyes makes these an investment that’s worth it. They retail for $21.95 online, which would basically buy you 100 of the cheap plastic storage bags. If you’re a serious pumper, you’ll use many more than that over the course of your breastfeeding life. These trays, however, are totally reusable. Why not invest in them now and save money and eliminate waste in the long run? That’s about as green as you can get!

Stacy is a budget stretching SAHM to a very active two-year-old, Kate, and an almost-three-month-old Mommy milking machine, Jackson. She is married to Kraig, her wonderful youth minister husband of four years. They live happily in
Virginia’s beautiful Shenandoah Valley. You can read more from Stacy at her blog, Stirrups and Stretchmarks.

You can also use Milk Trays for freezing and storing homemade baby food!  Simply mix up your purees, put them in the Milk Trays and freeze!  What a great way to stretch the life of this great product!

Want to win a set of Milk Trays for yourself?  Enter our giveaway below!  One winner will receive a set of Milk Trays (2 trays and 2 lids)!  Giveaway ends at midnight on Friday, November 11, 2011!  While we can’t ask you to “Like” our Facebook Page or the Milk Trays by Sensible Lines Facebook Page, we would love the support!  Thanks and good luck!

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