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Decking Our Halls (And Yours, Too!)

Decorating for Christmas is so fun.  And even more fun than decorating for Christmas is decorating for Christmas in a new house!  We moved into our new house in August and even before we moved the first boxes in, I was thinking about how we would decorate for the holidays.  (Keep reading for how to show off your own decorations!)

Here are a few of the things we’ve done with our house so far:

First up, the Yarn Snowman I made (see the tutorial here)!

More snowmen!  A cute decoration we’ve had for years and one my friend Rachel and I made with our kids a few weeks ago.

My friend got the milk jug snowman idea here on Pinterest, and you can see the great tutorial here!
We have one Christmas tree set up in our dining room and another larger one will be going up in our living room this week!
dining room

A little decor on our front porch and door…
front door
Those little lighted Christmas trees?  I saw on Pinterest that people are wrapping lights around tomato cages, and since I didn’t have any tomato cages lying around (Do you??) but I DID have some garden wire leftover from our fence project (more of that coming soon, probably tomorrow), I mentioned the idea to my husband.  He surprised me by fashioning two little trees for our porch out of part of the garden wire leftovers!  Cute, no??  They could use a few more strands of lights and they’re not perfect, but I love them.

And finally (for now), this little guy:
doorknob hanger
I spotted this doorknob hanger last week at The Dollar Tree.  I thought “Hey, that would be a cute craft!  I bet I could make that!” and then I thought “Wait…this one is only a dollar…I think I’ll just buy it!”  So I did.

So that’s what we’ve got going on so far.  I want to see YOUR decorations!  Make your own blog post and use the form below to submit your links so everyone can check it out!  I can’t wait to see your beautifully decorated homes!

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