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Boba 3G Video Review

If you saw my previous baby carrier review, which included carriers from both Boba and Beco, you know that I ended up purchasing the Boba 2G and absolutely love it!  We’ve used it everywhere — the park, the wildlife reserve, the aquarium, walking around the neighborhood, around the house, church events.  It’s easy to use, comfortable, and looks great!

So when I was at the New Product Showcase at the ABC Kids Expo in Louisville, KY last month, I literally gasped when I saw that they had a brand new version — with prints!  This was my first look at the new Boba 3G, in the Soho print:

A few rows over, I saw that Boba now has a Boba Pack, an optional, attaching backpack to match the new colors and prints!  Wow!  I had to get my hands on one!

I was thrilled when we were offered a Boba 3G and Boba Pack in Glacier to review!

 Here are the great new updates and features on the Boba 3G:

  • Now holds children from 7-45 lbs!
  • Improved, removable foot straps
  • Adjustable sleeping hood with storage compartment
  • Two pockets on the carrier
  • New color combinations and prints!
  • Chest strap (will be on back when in back carry positions) is adjustable on a sliding mechanism for easier buckling (I love this update!)
  • Larger, adjustable waistband
  • Shoulder strap holders for purses and handbags
  • Boba Pack (purchase separately) can be attached to the carrier

The only problem I have with the new Boba 3G is that my 19 month old never wants out of it!  He gets so excited when he sees it, clapping his hands and saying “Back!! Back!!!!” and has a fit when he has to get down.  He absolutely loves riding on my back and I love how comfortable I am when I’m wearing my boys.  The perfections to the Boba design are a dream come true!

Where can you buy a Boba 3G (Retails for $125.00) , Boba Wrap ($48.00), and Boba Pack ($100.00)?  Your favorite online retailers for baby carriers are probably getting them in stock now or you can purchase directly on! also carries the new 3G, Boba Wrap, and watch for the Boba Pack soon!

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A huge Thank You to everyone at Boba for working with us!

**Disclosure Statement** The Playdate Crashers received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  We were not required to write a positive review — these thoughts are our very own.  If you’d like to have The Playdate Crashers review your product, let’s talk!

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About Krista

Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently aged 6 and 7. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.


  1. Hi – I’d love to hear more about the Boba 3g! I know it can work with a newborn but is it a good option? I am really intrigued by what I see. I wish I knew the negatives though 🙂

  2. I only have big kids (1.5 and 3), so I don’t have extended use experience with a newborn in the 3G. One thing I can say is that because the carrier is so comfortable, you’ll be able to wear a sleeping newborn for a long time and be very comfortable! Wearing newborns and very young infants in an upright, chest-to-chest position is recommended (rather than a lying down position as in a sling), so the Boba 3G is a great option for moms of newborns. You can even nurse in it, though with limited head and neck control, it might be a little difficult and frustrating with a tiny baby. There are instructions on nursing the 3G included with the carrier.

    Does that help at all?