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7 Sanity Savers for Moms of Multiples

When we were at the ABC Kids Expo in September I saw several awesome products that I wanted to share with those of you who are mothers of multiples. Even if you may not be a mother to twins or more, some of the items in this list may be of interest to you if you have two or more kids that are very close in age.

1. My Breast Friend Twin Nursing Pillow: My Breast Friend has made some upgrades to their nursing pillow for twins, it is about the same size at the EZ to nurse twin pillow that is very popular with twin moms. What I like more about my breast friend is that the back support is not just a cube shaped pillow and feels nice behind your back. This is a must have for anyone who is planning to nurse two at a time, or even for moms who want a little more room.



2. Covillow Nursing Cover and Pillow in one: This shawl style nursing cover is nice because it have full coverage around the sides and it also has a built in pillow. One of these nursing covers would be perfect for when you need to nurse babies in the car.








3. Suppori Baby Carrier– This woven pocket sling is perfect for older babies and would be ideal to have in your diaper bag because of how small it is. I think these slings would be great to wear one on each shoulder for getting babies in and out of the car on trips. My guys are almost to the point where we cannot carry them in and out in their infant seats, but they aren’t able to walk themselves. We need two of these at our house!





4. Hold on Handles– I didn’t watch a lot of Jon & Kate Plus Eight, but I remember seeing them use a long rope with plush circles on them for each kid to hold while walking in a crowded area. Hold on Handles provide extra hands for little ones to hold. They are getting ready to release a plush line of hold on handles in the near future.




5. Kinderwagon– I saw this advertised on our show program and I made sure that I stopped by to view this stroller in person. The Kinderwagon is one of the smallest and lightest tandem strollers I have seen. This would be a perfect stroller to have in your car when you have two kids to push because it takes up so little room. It’s like a high quality umbrella stroller for two and I love that it is not designed to be side by side.



6. Okkatots Traveling Baby Depot Back Pack: Wow. It really is like having Baby Depot in a bag. There are tons of clever storage areas and pockets. This would be the perfect diaper bag for any mother who has to carry around supplies for two or more kids.







7. Label Itz by ViveVita– Label Itz has a whole line of products that are perfect for families with multiple children. They have sippy cup labels, tooth brush labels, personalized spots which can be used to indicate who’s seat is where or used as a time out spot. Several of their products can be useful for labeling items that are sent to childcare centers.

All of the items listed above are available at and are on display in the box below.

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