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Archives for October 2011

No End In Sight

Seven months ago, I thought it was almost over.  I was emotionally torn, a sense of peace mixed with sadness.  I didn't want it to end, but I knew it would eventually.  But it still hasn't...At 20 months of age, Spencer is still nursing.  Just once a … Continue Reading

Happy Blog Birthday! – #24

Krista's son has a brief appearance at the beginning of the show, singing "Happy Birthday, cackers [crashers]!" We discuss the past year on the blog and podcast, reflecting on the emotions, frustrations, and joys of being The Playdate … Continue Reading

My love/hate relationship with Halloween

What I love about Halloween: It's fun to dress up in costumes. It's even more fun to dream up said costume and put it together as creatively as possible. And little kids in costumes are just down right adorable (most of the time). I love the … Continue Reading

Review & Giveaway: Milkies Milk-Saver

We are thrilled to bring you a guest review from Becky of!  Because Jamie and I aren't at places in our kids' lives that we can really test out the Milk-Saver, we asked for a volunteer from our readers!  Thanks for helping us out, … Continue Reading

Homemade Halloween

If you read my post about Halloween costumes last week, this post might be surprising.  (Or not, I don't know.  If it were me, I'd be surprised...but I'm not the boss.) Over the weekend, I had one of my flurries of creativity and was suddenly … Continue Reading

Gabe’s Goodies Coupon Code!

Our blog birthday celebration continues with a coupon code from one of our advertising sponsors, Gabe's Goodies! Gabe’s Goodies is the end result of the dreams, hard work, and desire of one young lady to make people happy through her abilities. … Continue Reading

Milestones, yours or mine?

"Your baby does what?" I feel like anytime I see my friends post about the newest milestone their babies are reaching I am in complete and total shock. Several of my facebook friends and I were all due within a few weeks of each other, mid March- … Continue Reading

Sweet Giveaway!

We've got a sweet giveaway on our Facebook page today!  It's happening only on the Facebook page and today only, so don't miss it!  Giveaway ends at 9:00pm EST! … Continue Reading

Review: Roots Company

What do a root, an algae, and a mushroom have in common? Roots Company! These three power players have been combined by Roots Company in the Journey Kit to help keep health a priority by be quick and convenient. The Journey Kit contains Maca, a … Continue Reading

Papa Smurf Fail

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Boba 3G Video Review

If you saw my previous baby carrier review, which included carriers from both Boba and Beco, you know that I ended up purchasing the Boba 2G and absolutely love it!  We've used it everywhere -- the park, the wildlife reserve, the aquarium, walking … Continue Reading

Jamie’s Guest Posting about Breastfeeding Multiples Over at HDYDI

Check out Jamie's post about breastfeeding twins in her post "We Did It!" Breastfeeding Multiples over at           … Continue Reading

7 Sanity Savers for Moms of Multiples

When we were at the ABC Kids Expo in September I saw several awesome products that I wanted to share with those of you who are mothers of multiples. Even if you may not be a mother to twins or more, some of the items in this list may be of interest … Continue Reading

A Glass Full of Updates – #23

Jamie demonstrates her new SodaStream! More about the ABC Kids Expo here! Link from Shaina:  How the Breastfeeding Industry is Killing Breastfeeding O.R.E. Originals Trumpette Krista and Jamie discuss moving Post-Partum Depression … Continue Reading

We’re Turning One!

This week, our little baby will grow out of infancy and into toddlerhood. That's right, The Playdate Crashers Blog & Podcast is having a birthday! We're planning some fun things to celebrate and we'd love to involve you!  If you'd like to … Continue Reading

Halloween Costumes: To Make or Buy?

Let's talk about Halloween costumes, shall we? We all know that I'm so uncrafty it hurts, right?  Yes.  Good.  (Don't be fooled by my tutorial posts, they're so easy a monkey could do them.)  Well, even though I'm a disaster with scissors, every … Continue Reading

What? They were clean…

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Product Review: Aqueduck

How many times a day should your child wash their hands? Now how many times a day does your child actually wash their hands? I'm guessing those numbers aren't the same, if your home is anything like mine.  Part of the problem with getting … Continue Reading

Just Because I Can… a Lesson in Parenthood Efficiency

A couple weeks ago, I experimented with an event that can best be described as Super Bath. Bathing three kids every night is time consuming and hard, doing it when your flying solo for the evening - crazy. Usually I would just forget about it and … Continue Reading

Scarecrow Massacre

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