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Super Hero Crafty Fun!

Have I mentioned how much I love PinterestI did?  Oh good.

Right now, there’s nothing that gets my dusty, rarely-used crafty self inspired and motivated than looking at all of the fabulous craft and fun ideas on Pinterest.  There are so many things that look so simple, even I could do it.  I consider myself a bit of a crafting failure, due to a combination of lacking talent, lacking patience, and lacking the wherewithall to track down all of the supplies needed for so many creations.  But even my previous record of hideous ill-designed messes can’t stop me from trying some of these ideas.

When I saw the #PinterestChallenge blog posts by Julie at Dutch Being Me, I wanted IN!  Sure, my completed Pinterest projects are likely to pale in comparison to the others linked up, but it sounds like fun!  Pinterest is awesome, but it’s easy to get lost in a cycle of inspiration and never actually DO!

Click these links if you want to know more about the #PinterestChallenge, how it works, and how to get involved!

One of the first Pins I ever spotted was this super-cute tutorial for making a superhero cape from an old t-shirt.  It’s so simple, so adorable and I figured I could do it.  But I never got around to it…until now!

I present to you…Two superhero capes for my boys!

The second part of the above tutorial, the part with the power cuffs, made my eyes glaze over a little bit.  Interfacing?  Sewing?  No thank you.

But then, I stumbled upon another Pin with an even easier method of making cuffs using…wait for it…toilet paper rolls!  You can find the tutorial here and they are called Two Second Super Hero Cuffs for a reason.  Totally easy.  My boys aren’t into coloring much these days (Miles would rather read the crayon wrappers — no joke), so I decorated them myself.  (Please don’t tell me if you thought “Those kids did a lousy job decorating their power cuffs!”)  I had a little trouble with the toilet paper rolls once I cut them.  One of the rolls didn’t keep its shape, so I used a stapler (one of my favorite craft tools) and attached a small piece of elastic on the open part to keep it together (you can see it in the photo with Spencer, my youngest).

It seriously could not get much easier.  The hardest part?  Finding t-shirts to use.  I couldn’t find any that were just blank on the back, were a fun color, and were old enough that I was ready to part with them.  All you need to make these t-shirt capes are a t-shirt, good scissors, a little bit of velcro, and something to attach the velcro (you can sew or use a hot glue gun…and if know me and my sewing skillz, you know I used a hot glue gun).

So there we have it.  One of my first completed Pins.  Now I need to create a Pinboard of all the Pins I’ve completed! (Update: Check!)

What Pins have you tried?  How did it turn out?  Are you going to join the #PinterestChallenge?


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  1. I saw this the other day from another friend who was posting it. It’s such an awesome idea and who doesn’t have old t-shirts? I can’t wait to do this for one of Nathan’s birthday’s in the future. He’s not even one yet, so we have a ways to wait, but I know it will be fun!

  2. So cute! Great idea, I can’t wait to try this with my crew 🙂