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Scarves from T-Shirts

I completed yet another Pin.  Don’t expect this productivity to keep up, but enjoy it while we can…

So here’s the thing.  I have mixed feelings about scarves.  I think they look great on people, but I’m not sure I’m one of those people.  I kinda feel like I’m being bullied into the scarf trend — everyone’s doing it, and the peer pressure is getting to me.

When I saw this idea on for making these nifty little scarves from discarded T-shirts, I thought “Oh how cool is that!”  The fact that they look different than other scarves is appealing, and this would give me something to do with those shirts in my drawer that have stains or are misshapen but I can’t bring myself to throw out.

I thought about it for about a week and then yesterday, I decided to go for it.

It really is as easy as it sounds in the tutorial.  You need a shirt that meets most of these conditions:

  • Is a cotton blend (I hear 100% cotton shirts will not work.  I have a 60% cotton/40% modal shirt I tried this with and it didn’t work right.  I might be able to use it for another style, but not the way I wanted to with this project.)
  • Is not ribbed (trust me, I found out the hard way)
  • Is maybe a little big/wide so you have more material to work with
  • Preferably without side seams (read on to find out why)
  • Small logos are okay but I used solid colors

Then you cut off the bottom seam and continue to cut the shirt into horizontal strips that are around 1″ in thickness (or you could make them bigger, you’re the boss).  After you do your cutting, stretch each strip.  I did it by running it through my hands in a big circle.  After your stretching, you’ll hopefully see how it has kinda rolled into itself — you want it like that if you want this style.

Here’s where I had to improvise from the original tutorial.  Because I used a shirt with side seams (and it was a cheap shirt, so it started coming apart), I had to cut out the seams and tie the strips back together, snipping the tied ends close to the knot.  It ended up being okay, but I lost at least an inch, maybe two, of fabric that would have made the scarves longer, which I would like.

If you want to get really creative, if you have two similar shirts, you could tie two colored strips together and alternate in the way you lay them together.  I tried this, but it was with my failed attempted with the cotton/modal shirt.  Maybe one day I’ll try it again.

Once you have all of your loops ready, just get creative, like the original tutorial says.  I just looped it around my neck twice, but those of you more advanced scarf-wearers might be able to do something even cooler.  You could tie something around your loops to keep them in place, but I kept it simple this time.

What do you think?  Have you made one of these?  If so, we want to see pictures! 

Update:  After playing around with what I considered a failed attempt with another shirt, I’m not so sure it’s a fail.  It kinda works…Maybe?

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  1. Vanessa McVitty says:

    I tried this today and I love it! It’s so easy. The only problem I’m having is finding t-shirts without side seams. In the meantime, I’ll try to figure out ways to cover the knots, although they do create kind of a neat grunge affect.

    The other neat thing about this is it’s something kids can participate in. Lauren had fun doing the stretching for me. 🙂

  2. What a great idea, really like your second attempt.


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