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Grandma Mornings

There are many things I could say about why grandparents are so important and wonderful.  I could write about how they provide family history for their grandchildren, filling in the gaps for future generations.  I could tell you how grandparents have a different kind of love for their grandchildren than they have for their children, a special love that is permissive and overindulgent.

But that’s not what I want to share with you today.  Today, I want to talk to you about Grandma Mornings.

Being a guest at someone else’s house is tough.  We’ve talked about it before on the podcast; it can be exhausting to stay at a host’s house with small children.  You have to take so much gear for the little ones and you spend so much time just playing defense for your host’s antique collectibles and priceless household items that it’s nearly impossible to relax.  After several weeks of parenting solo while my husband works his summer job running a conference for teenagers, I am beat.  I wasn’t sure if I could handle a week of running all over my parents’ house after the boys.

And that’s when my mom introduced me to this glorious thing I speak of today, Grandma Mornings.

See, my mom is a morning person.  I am not, but my children ARE.  In fact, since we’ve been staying with my parents, they have begun getting up even earlier than their normal 7:00am.  One morning, my youngest got up for the day at 5:30am, and who was also up and ready to play with him?  Grandma!  Who has been letting me go back to sleep for a few hours while she feeds the boys their breakfast, takes them on a walk with my dad, and generally lets them get away with murder?  Grandma!

I’ve gotten so well-rested over the last few days, it more than makes up for the jelly stains on their clothing (remember what I said about overindulgence?  That includes jelly.).  I feel like a new person when I wake up at 8:30 or 9:00am instead of 6:00am.

And Mom?  She never complains, even if it does wear her out.  She loves spending time with her grandkids, even when they surprise her with poopy diapers and fling Cheerios all over her dining room.  She doesn’t lose her patience with them and she always has a fun-packed day planned for us.

And that is some special kind of love.  Thank you, Mom!

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Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently aged 6 and 7. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.