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Archives for July 2011

Bella Parola Giveaway Winners!

We have some winners to announce!  Here are the winners from the Bella Parola Giveaway! Item #1, a Bella Parola custom print (printed, suitable for framing, and shipped to you): Shaina N.! Item #2, a Bella Parola custom digital … Continue Reading

Get on Board

When you have a son, there are some things that come standard. Thomas the train is no exception. Before your kid discovers them, it is hard to understand what the appeal is to an out-dated, somewhat boring mode of transportation. Wouldn't race cars … Continue Reading

Grandma Mornings

There are many things I could say about why grandparents are so important and wonderful.  I could write about how they provide family history for their grandchildren, filling in the gaps for future generations.  I could tell you how grandparents have … Continue Reading

Calories and Breastfeeding…

What I am about to share with you is amazing... If you want to lose weight while breastfeeding, EAT MORE. You cannot cheat the system. Originally I started on an 1800 calorie diet, plus working out three times a week - 300 calories, plus … Continue Reading

Bella Parola Giveaway *Giveaway Ended!*

We are thrilled to announce a brand new giveaway for our readers and listeners!  Today, we launch a giveaway for two items from Bella Parola's Etsy shop!  Yes, that means there will be TWO winners! Bella Parola is a shop created and run by one of … Continue Reading

Your Favorite Posts

Not ours, YOURS! I know we have many bloggers who read our site, so ladies (and gentlemen!), I would love to know what YOUR favorite post is that YOU have written lately.  Was it something funny?  A serious post?  Heartfelt? Post the link to … Continue Reading

Friday Night Feeding Frenzy

Many of our readers have been interacting on our Facebook page, discussing an article about whether or not restaurants should be able to ban young children from dining in their establishments. If we were honest with ourselves, I think we would all … Continue Reading

ABC Kids Expo 2011

We are excited to announce that we will be covering the 9th Annual ABC Kids Expo which is being held in late September in Louisville, KY!  The ABC Kids Expo is the leading trade show in the children's product business and we are thrilled to be able … Continue Reading

Mommy Brain

Playdate crashers, I have to tell you about my yesterday. My husband is away for work and will be gone for two weeks.  I hate parenting alone, but I was feeling pretty good about the way things went on Saturday, when we made it to a birthday party … Continue Reading

Both Sides: Led By Baby

Jamie and Krista agree on many things, but sometimes they have different opinions on parenting. This is the second post in a two-part series on routine vs. on demand. Be sure to read Jamie's post, "Both Sides:  Parent Guided Routines". The … Continue Reading

Both Sides: Parent Guided Routines

Jamie and Krista agree on many things, but sometimes they have different opinions on parenting. This is the first post in a two-part series on routine vs on demand. Be sure to check out  Krista’s side, "Led By Baby". Before I had my first child, I … Continue Reading

Baby Don’t Like Fireworks

When you have kids your priorities change in many ways, even in the way that you celebrate holidays. For our family, that holiday is the 4th of July. Here are my top four reasons why "Baby You're Don't Like Fireworks" in our household: 1.) Messes … Continue Reading

Vacation, Vacation

I'm so excited!  Today is July 1st, which means that we will be at the beach in 22 days!  Our vacation always comes at the end of a very long summer.  We will have already traveled all over the place, spent many days and nights away from home, but … Continue Reading