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Backyard Waterpark

Ahhhh, the lazy days of summer.

Even if your children aren’t in school for 9 months of the year, there’s still something awesome about summer.  Everything feels more relaxed (even if your schedule is anything but), those longer days make you feel more productive (even if you aren’t), and a popsicle can be the yummiest dessert ever (no calories if it’s on a stick, right??).

At the height of winter, when I begin to fantasize about how glorious the spring and summer months will be, I tend to romanticize the idea of backyard play.  I think we will spend hours upon hours of every day basking in the sun, playing and laughing until it hurts, and cooking out every night.  In reality, there is still laundry to do, naps to be taken, and sometimes it rains.

However, I was determined to make a fun outdoor play area for my kids this year.  At their ages (nearly three and just a smidge over one), it doesn’t take much to make them happy outside, so I didn’t want to spend much money on this venture…

At our backyard waterpark, you can splash, jump, and play in your very own Three Ring Inflatable Pool (very similar to this one, except ours was $10.00)!  You can get soaked as you run and jump through the sprinkler’s icy streams (note:  we purchased our sprinkler in the garden section for $3.00 instead of a much more neon and much more expensive version from the outdoor water play section)!

You can take a ride on one of the many riding vehicles available to tour the vast facilities (Little Tikes or Wiggles push and ride? Take your pick!)!  You can visit the animals (dogs) in the petting zoo!  And you can kick back and enjoy the view next to the boat dock (sand and water table, complete with plastic boats)! We even have mini-golf!

This lovely water adventure park is maintained by a fleet of plastic lawnmowers and two very energetic groundskeepers.

Admission for your family and friends for the entire summer (or as long as the plastic holds out) for the low low price of $13.00!  Come on by!

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About Krista

Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently aged 6 and 7. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.


  1. Marlene Kehrer says:

    Sounds like a great water park. Can I get a season pass?