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Amazing Baby Development

Most of the time life is so hectic and we are so sleep deprived that we can easily miss out on some of the wonders of child development. I was reflecting today on how awesome the human body is and how babies develop. They go from being totally dependent on us (even needing us to support their heads) to being able to walk and eat on their own.

It is also cool how physical development works it way down the body:

0-3 months- head, shoulders, and up… baby learns to support their head. (their heads are 1/4 of their body right now!)
3-6 months- waist and up (head, shoulders, hands, arms, waist) baby learns to roll over and sit unsupported.
6 months to a year – feet and up, baby learns how crawl (moving hips and legs) stand (supporting weight on legs) and finally walk…

It all goes so fast! Thankfully I’ve been able to enjoy an extra eight weeks of newborn stage with Cole and Luke. I think I really started having fun with Will once he was able to sit up on his own unassisted.

What was/is your favorite stage of baby development?

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  1. Michelle says:

    I definitely love when they are able to play and sit up on their own. The first months are definitely exhausting!!

  2. Stacey Walters says:

    My favorite is when they are at the point of trying to crawl an rock on all fours. They smile and react to us more at that time also.