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Working Mom (Guest Post by Kristine C.)

When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a stay at home mom. My mom stayed home with all her kids and now she watches my cousin’s child. Every time you would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always a mommy. Fast forward 10-15 years. I’m married and I have a handsome two year old son, Kaden. Unfortunately, due to financial reasons, I need to work. Right now I work at a logistics firm (they coordinate semi trucks and customers) in the accounting department. I work 40 hours a week from 6am-2pm. Not exactly a dream job but it pays the bills! So from knowing my past now, you probably could tell that I struggle with not being a SAHM. I don’t love my job and I think that has a part in why I long to be at home all day.

My biggest struggle right now is trying to do it all. I worked out my schedule so I get home right about the end of my son’s nap time. So I play with him, cook, clean, and try to act like a SAHM, and then 9pm rolls around and I’m passed out on the couch. I used to just keep pushing myself but I’m learning that I am human and I can’t do everything (imagine that!). A few things I have learned to help with this are freezer cooking, cleaning schedules, and just plain asking for help! Freezer cooking or once a month cooking is a great tool not only for WOHM but anyone. Basically you take a day, plan out your meals, prepare or cook them, and then freeze the entire meal or components of a meal. Then a night or two before you pull out what you need for dinner then throw them together at dinner time so you can resist the urge to pick up food on your way home from work and you don’t have to slave for hours to make dinner.

Cleaning schedules are another helpful tool. You can make a checklist of everything that needs to get done daily, weekly, monthly and keep track or you can figure out what you are going to do on certain days. I personally do this route. I try to keep cleaning under an hour each day so I plan out on Mondays I dust and vacuum, Tuesday I do laundry and mop the kitchen, etc. I like this way since we usually have something to do on Saturday so I never get things done then.

Finally, something I recently learned, ask for help. If you are sick, tired, or whatever, don’t be afraid to ask your husband to fill the dishwasher, hire the neighbor’s kid to mow your lawn, or even to ask that Chinese place for dinner (you’ll still have to pay).

Of course another tip is to have friends! I have friends in my small group that are WOHMs and we share our struggles and triumphs and do what we can to support one another. We call each other up; ask if we can take the kids for a few hours so they can have a peaceful dinner or just some time to catch up with one another. Just because I’m a WOHM doesn’t mean I don’t have SAHMs that I’m friends with, SAHMs provide valuable support too and vice-versa.

Kristine lives outside Cincinnati with her husband, son, and two cats. When she’s not working or enjoying her family, she’s venturing into decorating. Follow her adventures at Praying For A Clean House.

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